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Madagascar Travel Guide

5 reasons to travel to Madagascar

Having fallen in love with the country, I could give you 100 good reasons for travelling to Madagascar, but I will try to be brief 

  • 1.
    A destination far off the beaten track
  • 2.
    A land of adventure
  • 3.
    Breathtaking landscapes
  • 4.
    Exceptional wildlife
  • 5.
    A friendly population

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Places of interest

Is this the destination for you?

Also called the "Red Island", Madagascar will surprise you. Situated in the Indian Ocean, it hides many a treasure.

You should go if

  • You're a fan of wide open spaces
  • You love hiking
  • You are passionate about discovering unique species of animals and plants
  • You want to discover a destination that is far from mass tourism
  • You love vanilla!

You shouldn't go if

  • You don't like adventure!
  • You're allergic to rice
  • You can't stand waiting, expecially for bush taxis
  • You don't like to haggle
  • You suffer in intense heat

Culture and Discovery

Antananarivo, the capital city!

You will certainly pass through Antananarivo on your arrival or departure from Madagascar. This multi-faceted capital divides opinions: some love it, others hate it. It's...
Simon Hoffmann3 April 2018
Travel account

Nosy Mangabe, an island paradise and jewel of biodiversity

An excursion to Nosy Mangabe offers a beautiful "nature" break - tropical adventure and the life of a castaway on a desert island! Check out my advice on how to make the ...
Servane Rig3 April 2018
Travel account

Ambositra, the capital of Malagasy craftsmanship!

The kingdom of the Betsileo peasants, Ambositra welcomes you to a quiet and relaxing setting, the time for a cultural stop dedicated to the discovery of local crafts. Com...
Servane Rig3 April 2018
Travel account

Tsingys de Bemaraha National Park

Located in western Madagascar, Bemaraha National Park is one of the island’s jewels. The Tsingys, sharp-peaked karst formations stretching as far as you can see, are clas...
Simon Hoffmann3 April 2018
Travel account

The village of Anakao; lazing under a southern sun!

Tuck into a fresh seafood platter by a white sandy beach in Anakao, a little village where you can watch the sun set over the Mozambique Channel. Benefitting from a hot, ...
Simon Hoffmann3 April 2018
Travel account

Windsor Castle and Courrier Bay

Admire the wonderful view of the region offered by Windsor Castle, northwest of Diego Suarez. Bordered by the Mozambique Channel to the west and Antsiranana Bay to the ea...
Simon Hoffmann3 April 2018
Travel account
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