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Culture and Heritage Holidays

Tailor-made culture and heritage tours, at local prices
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Customizable culture and heritage tours

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Culture and Heritage Tours

Culture and heritage come in many forms, whether you’re enjoying the food, art, language, music, architecture, museums or ancient sites of your chosen destination, culture and heritage are at the very heart of your trip. UNESCO have recognised 1,073 sites world wide, giving you plenty of sites to tick off your culture and heritage bucket list. You can enjoy anything from the remains of ancient civilisations to world famous masterpieces of the most renowned artists, and everything in between.

Ancient Culture and Heritage

Without the past, there would be no present and so learning about ancient civilisations, culture and tradition can give us a unique insight into the world we live in today.

  • Seasoned culture and heritage experts will love exploring the many ancient sites that are less well known, such as the ruins found in The Maldives,where you can hop from island to island, taking in these ancient gems at every stop. China also offers stunning architecture and evidence of its ancient roots around every turn, which not all visitors appreciate for the ancient wonders that they are.
  • South and Central America are also must-see destinations for those fascinated by ancient culture and heritage, as home to some of the oldest civilisations that we know of. Explore the Mayan way of life, preserved in the ruins at Machu Picchu in Peru, and listen to the fascinating tales ofritual, tradition and the Mayan people that your guide will bring to life as you trek through jungles and paths straight from an Indiana Jones film.
  • Why not visit the Middle-East for a fascinating taste of the Persian Empire, which was larger than any previous empire in history. This hugely developed civilisation used infrastructure and architecture that still survives today and some of this is extremely well preserved, meaning you can truly immerse yourself in your discovery of Persian heritage. Iran is the perfect destination to discover the fascinating history of the Middle-East, where you can visit palaces, mosques, shrines, hammams, bazaars, gardens and temples.

Modern Culture

Now that you’ve learnt about ancient culture and heritage, it’s time for a true taste of Modern culture. Modern art and cuisine are just two elements of your trip that you won’t ever forget.

  • Japan is an unmissable destination, since it not only unites its ancient culture and heritage with its modern culture in everyday life, but does so seamlessly. Visit Kyoto, nicknamed ‘the city of Ten Thousand Shrines’ and go from a UNESCO world heritage site to a stylish modern gallery or restaurant in a matter of steps.
  • Why not visitthe USAfor a refreshing dose of modern culture and recent history, coupled with timeless nature. Visit The Grand Canyon and its feel humbled by its size and age, before travelling to Washington or New York and taking in the modern culture that these two very different cities have to offer. Washington, D.C. is undoubtedly the best location in the United States for culture and heritage lovers, since it provides an extensive view of American history and culture within its relatively small area. New York, is unmissable for those who love the lively bustle of modern day life and here you can see not only American culture, but also the Asian, African and European influences that make New York such a vibrant and varied city.
  • Australia too, combines its rich culture and heritage with its stylish modern atmosphere. Visit the natural wonders of Australia or learn about the ancient aboriginal culture which is protected here and is still visible in tribes today. Sleek modern cities such as Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide offers a plethora of rooftop bars, great shopping, delicious gourmet restaurants and a vibrant music scene.

The best destinations for culture and heritage