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Andringitra (Madagascar)

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How to get there
47 km by car or bus from Ambalavao
When to go
Between April and October (dry season), there is a risk of cyclones between the end of December and mid-April.

Reviews of Andringitra

Julie Sabatier Travel writer
73 travel articles

Ready to climb? Andringitra National Park has Boby Peak, which is 2,658 metres high! It's the highest peak in Madagascar and makes a magnificent trek.


The countryside is varied there. In the east rain forest at low and medium altitude, in the west high mountain prairies. Yet another site in Madagascar of extraordinary natural riches! More than 1,000 species of plants are found there, including 30 or so species of orchids and the Andringitra aloe, visible on the superb Andohariana plateau at 2,000 m.

As to the animals, 50% of Madagascars non-flying mammals live there. You can see ring-tailed lemurs being born in October and November.

Andringitra is where the territories of the Betsileo, Bara Haronga and Bara people meet. They live in such harmony with the environment that it is the only natural laboratory in Madagascar where human activity has encouraged biodiversity, rather than destroying it.

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