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An update from Evaneos

Where to go in April

Your tailor-made trip in April
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Travelling in April

Beach holidays in April

Summer is nearly here and the weather is starting to get warmer. April is the perfect time for a trip away to the beach, to get you excited for the summer ahead. Why not set off on a trip to one of our top three beach destinations for April.

  • Visit the pristine sands and warm waters of Indonesiaand see why this beautiful country is a favourite beach destination for travellers from all over the world. Try your hand at surfing and enjoy the perfect conditions and total escape from day to day stress.
  • Enjoy the tropical paradise of Belize as you swim or snorkel through turquoise reefs. Go kayaking, stand-up-paddling or fishing in this picture perfect Caribbean destination.  
  • Travel to Cubato enjoy the sunny weather and tropical atmosphere. Relax on the beach, drink in hand and enjoy the laid back city, which feels as though you have travelled back to the 50s.

City trips in April

A city trip can be a great way to experience the culture of your chosen destination in April. Explore the culture, food, art, architecture and meet the diverse range of people who live in some of the most fascinating and beautiful cities around the world.

  • Kyoto in Japan, also known as ‘The City of One Thousand Shrines’, is the perfect choice of city destination for history and culture lovers. Wander around the fascinating sites before enjoying a traditional meal or even a spa treatment.
  • Discover the cool atmosphere of Melbourne as you spend time in sleek bars, incredible restaurants and the picturesque streets or parks of this unique city.
  • If tradition is what you’re after from your city trip, visit Dublin and its historical sites, traditional pubs and green open spaces. Every day you spend here will be more interesting and fascinating than the last.

Winter holidays in April

To make the most of the beautiful scenery that the last of winter can bring, why not go to one of Northern Europe’s winter destinations and explore in the snow. Go dog-sledding, stay in an igloo or go skiing and have the winter trip of a lifetime.

  • For a classic winter holiday, why not go skiing in France? Enjoy the beautiful scenery and traditional food and chalets as you relax after an incredible day of skiing. During April, the weather is warm and sunny, so you will be able to get the best of both worlds with sun and snow galore.
  • Enjoy a getaway to the beautiful destination of Norway, where you can explore the fjords, the lakes and, of course, the snow. You will be able to make the most of the slightly warmer temperatures whilst still enjoying all the classic elements of a Norwegian winter, such as a traditional sauna or hot tub.
  • Russia’s picturesque winters are an incredible choice for anyone wanting an incredible winter trip in January. Visit Moscow or St Petersburg and see the famous royal palaces and cathedral with a pristine, snowy backdrop.

Best wildlife destinations in April

Whether you’re an animal lover, a nature enthusiast or a family with children; a wildlife tour will be unforgettable no matter where you choose to go. Here are our top 3 for wildlife destinations in April.

  • Travel to India and see the incredible animals that live here. Go on a Safari and see tigers roaming the national parks, monkeys, elephants, leopards, buffalo, camels, and a whole range of animals that you will never forget.
  • Ecuadorian animals are among the most varied and astonishing in the world and you will see everything from tree frogs to jaguars to manatees. The selection of birds here is incredible, too, and any wildlife lover is sure to find something to amaze them in this beautiful country.
  • Australia is well known for is huge range of wildlife and has so much to offer besides snakes and spiders! Visit a wildlife rescue sanctuary and see koalas, kangaroos, dingos, echidna and so much more.

Best festivals in April

A festival is the perfect excuse to get away this April and the world is your oyster. Here are our top choices for festivals around the world in April.

  • Songkran festival inLaosstarted with the tradition of pouring water over the buddha statues in the temples here, to symbolise the washing away of sins. This tradition has evolved into a day of sheer joy, with a full-blown, nationwide water fight happening in the streets of Laos.
  • As a Sikh harvest festival, Baisakhi, celebrated in the state of Punjab in India, is a fantastic festival to get to know the joie de vivre of the people here. This day is used to give thanks for one’s loved ones and the entire day is filled with this spirit of thanksgiving and celebration, making it an amazing time to visit India.
  • Perhaps the most beautiful festival in April, Sakura in Japan celebrates the famous cherry blossoms that bloom throughout the country. The blossoms symbolise the transience of beauty and of life and remind us all to live life to the full. Aside from this positive message, it is the most beautiful time to visit Japan.

Family holidays in April

April is the perfect time to get away as a family during the Easter holidays and you’ll be able to spend some incredible time together on a trip to one of our top choices for family getaways for April.

  • A trip to China is a great way to experience an incredible culture together as a family. No matter what age, everyone is sure to love their time here, with so much to see and do. Visit the stunning countryside for a more active trip, or spend a day at any of the incredible historical attractions, such as the Great Wall of China.
  • In Costa Ricayou and your family will have so many activities to choose from. Meet the animals that live here or explore the rainforests on a canopy tour, walking along special walkways high up in the trees. Go zip-lining or river rafting before relaxing in a special tree-house accommodation.
  • For the ultimate family adventure in January, go to New Zealandand discover why this is one of the top family destinations in the  world. Cycle, sail, walk, drive, run, fly; New Zealand has a choice for everyone and is the home of thrilling adventure. Follow a route that will take you past all of the sites from your favourite films such as Lord of The Rings and be blown away by the sheer beauty of New Zealand’s landscapes.

Honeymoon ideas in April

After a spring wedding, a April honeymoon is a chance to enjoy an incredibly romantic destination and escape to sunnier shores to enjoy some time together in the sun and relax on your first trip as a married couple.

  • For stunning scenery and countless activities, a honeymoon to the USA is a perfect choice. Enjoy the beauty of Monument Valley or Yellowstone National Park at sunrise or sunset. Ride horses through the incredible natural surroundings or wander some of The USA’s most interesting cities.
  • Visit the island of Bali, which has everything you could possibly want from a traditional honeymoon. Relax on the beach, explore volcanoes and rainforests, swim through vibrant reefs or caves or try delicious food as you enjoy the beginning of your lives as a married couple.
  • Enjoy an offbeat honeymoon on a trip to Trinidad and Tobago. Experience a truly Caribbean atmosphere as you listen to the waves crashing on the beach and feel as though you are the only two people on earth.