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An update from Evaneos

Where to go in June

Your tailor-made trip in June
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Travelling in June

Beach holidays in June

Summer is in full swing and June is the perfect time for a trip away to the beach. Why not set off on a trip to one of our top three beach destinations for June.

  • A trip to one of Cuba’s beautiful beaches is an unmissable experience. Enjoy a tropical atmosphere as you sit at a local restaurant and enjoy Caribbean cuisine, before heading to Havana and seeing a city frozen in town.
  • Portugal in June is a stunning beach destination perfect for anyone looking to enjoy some of the best beaches that Europe has to offer. Give surfing a go in one of the world’s most famous surfing locations or explore the small Mediterranean towns along the coast.
  • Explore the beaches and small islands surrounding Indonesia. Each beach you come across is more picture perfect that the last and you can wander along the coast enjoying an incredible picture perfect tropical paradise.

City trips in June

A June city trip can be a great way to experience the culture of your chosen destinations. Explore the culture, food, art, architecture and meet the diverse range of people who live in some of the most fascinating and beautiful cities around the world.

  • Washington DC is a perfect choice of city break for history lovers. Visit the Smithsonian and learn about the USA’s fascinating history from the founding of the country to the present day. See The White House, The National Mall or The US Capitol before enjoying the incredible parks that lie here.
  • Head to Italy in June for some of the best summer city trips. Choose Venice for a truly authentic summer Italian experience. Take a gondola ride into the centre of the city where you can enjoy a drink and a traditional meal in a sunny square.
  • The largest city in Peru, Lima overlooks the Pacific ocean and is one of South America’s most beautiful cities. Visit the beautiful sites that are dotted around this city, such as the Plaza Mayor, The Larco Museum or the Monastery of San Francisco.

Best wildlife destinations in June

Whether you’re an animal lover, a nature enthusiast or a family with children; a wildlife tour will be unforgettable no matter where you choose to go. Here are our top 3 for wildlife destinations in June.

  • Perhaps the most famous Safari destination, Kenya is the perfect choice for a wildlife tour in May. Go on safari and see all of Africa’s most famous animals, including The Big Five, before relaxing in an Eco-lodge or a traditional camp.
  • To see some of Africa’s most famous animals, including The Big Five, visit Namibia for a safari with a twist. This stunning destination includes beautiful scenery, impressive animals and a fascinating view of ancient culture. Why not stay in an Eco-lodge and make the most of the off-peak season, giving you access to cheaper prices and more availability.
  • Travel to China to see its most well-known animal residents. Get up close to the monkeys, pandas, elephants, yak and even snow leopards and learn all about their habitats as you wander among them.

Best festivals in June

A festival is the perfect excuse to get away this June and the world is your oyster. Here are our top choices for festivals around the world in June.

  • At the end of June each year, a huge “water” fight takes place in the form of the San Vino Festival in Spain. There is a twist though; instead of water, the weapon of choice is wine. Locals and a few lucky tourists are soaked with deep red wine as they battle with one another in this unusual festival.
  • The Icelandic National Day takes place in June and is a celebration of all things Icelandic. Visit Reykjavik during mid-June to celebrate the foundation of The Republic of Iceland and to enjoy processions and nationwide celebration.
  • Inti Raymi is the festival of the sun, which takes place in Cusco, the ancient Inca capital of Peru at the end of June each year. Nowadays, this festival is a reenactment of that which was performed by the ancient Inca civilisation and is a fascinating festival to watch.

Family holidays in June

The summer holidays provide the perfect time to get away as a family and you’ll be able to spend some incredible time together on a trip to one of our top choices for family getaways in June.

  • VisitCrète as a family in June to enjoy the beautiful beaches, amazing ruins and historical sites, delicious food and family friendly sites and activities. Take a self-drive tour and visit the famous sites such as The Cave of Zeus or The Kato Zakros Ruins, stopping at beaches and local towns along the way.
  • The USA is the perfect family destination. With so much to offer and so many choices of location, you and your family will be able to visit beautiful national parks or enjoy thrilling activities, such as river rafting or horse riding. Why not visit one of the USA’s best cities for family trips, such as Washington D.C., New York City or San Francisco?
  • Take a trip to Italy for the ultimate European family getaway in June. Enjoy the perfect weather as you decide which of the incredible sites to visit first. Visit Rome, Venice, Florence or Tuscany and discover everything that each distinct part of this beautiful country has to offer.  

Honeymoon ideas in June

A June honeymoon is the perfect time to enjoy an incredibly romantic destination and escape to distant shores to enjoy some time together in a new place and relax on your first trip as a married couple.

  • Visit Iceland and enjoy this stunning country during the summer. Surrounded by greenery, nature and stunning natural fjords, which are at their best during June. Enjoy delicious food such as fresh fish in one of Reykjavik’s cool, up-and-coming restaurants. Iceland in the summer is perfect for honeymooners looking to enjoy time away together in a fairytale world.  
  • For a classic honeymoon, visit Sri Lanka, whose breathtaking beaches and coves will be the perfect place to enjoy one another’s company before relaxing in a spa or luxury hotel. Explore Sri Lankan towns and cities while you’re here and see the bustle that this destination is so well known for.
  • For an unusual and unforgettable honeymoon, why not visit Peru and the many natural wonders that lie here. Climb up to Machu Picchu together and enjoy time together while you discover one of the wonders of the world.

The best destinations in June