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Where to go in August

Your tailor-made trip in August
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Tailor-made August tours

Travelling in August

Beach holidays in August

Summer is passing quickly and August is the perfect time for a trip away to the beach before the weather begins to cool down. Why not set off on a trip to one of our top three beach destinations for August.

  • Visit the natural beach paradise of The Philippinesand enjoy so much more than just sand and sea in the beautiful areas around the jaw-dropping volcanoes and national parks. Discover the caves and islands that surround the coast and enjoy everything you could possibly ask for from an August beach trip.
  • Visit Panamafor a trip to the most naturally beautiful beaches around. See the native species along the coast as you relax in the sun, sand and sea this August.
  • The white sandy beaches of The Maldives are a classic destination for a sunny beach getaway. Bathe in the warm waters or relax on the beach. Snorkel around the shallows of any of the many islands and feel as though you have the place entirely to yourself.

City trips in August

A August city trip can be a great way to experience the culture of any country. Explore the culture, food, art, architecture and meet the diverse range of people who live in some of the most fascinating and beautiful cities around the world.

  • Dubrovnik is a stunning city on the Mediterranean coast, encompassing fascinating history, ancient sites, incredible atmosphere and great value for money for a city trip in August.
  • As the largest city in Australia, Sydney is an incredible destination for anyone visiting this beautiful country. August in Australia falls in the winter season and so you’ll be able to enjoy all the sightseeing you want whilst enjoying mild warm weather.
  • For an immersive city culture trip, visit Tokyo and enjoy the surreal mixture of ancient and modern that you won’t find anywhere else. Enjoy delicious food, interesting sites and fascinating culture, perhaps visiting a traditional bath house or one of Tokyo’s many restaurants serving up the classics.

Best wildlife destinations in August

Whether you’re an animal lover, a nature enthusiast or a family with children; a wildlife tour will be unforgettable no matter where you choose to go. Here are our top 3 for wildlife destinations in August.

  • The Galapagos is perhaps the best destination in the world for those looking to get a true taste of nature at its finest and during August, with the warm season in full swing, you’ll be able to do so in a tropical climate. Sounds perfect!
  • Visit South Africaand enjoy all of the incredible safaris here that will allow you to see the country’s most well known animals. You can also visit Oudtshoorn for a unique experience in the world’s largest Ostrich farm.
  • China’s jungles, mountains, temples and cities are home to a huge range of fascinating creatures. Get up close to the country’s famous monkey species as you learn all about their habitats and lives.

Best festivals in August

A festival is the perfect excuse to get away this August and the world is your oyster. Here are our top choices for festivals around the world in August.

  • Esala Perahera takes place each August in Kandy, Sri Lanka. It is a celebration of the four ‘guardian gods’ and is centred around the temples dedicated to these gods in Kandy. It is one of the oldest and most incredible Buddhist festivals in Sri Lanka and puts on a spectacle that is not to be missed.
  • Puck Fair in Ireland is one of the oldest festivals in Ireland and takes place over three days in August. A bizarrely traditional festival is sure to be an interesting visit for those who haven’t experienced the traditions or Ireland before and is a great time to visit for the first time. Watch as a wild billy goat is crowned ‘King Puck’ before being freed into the mountains, signifying that the celebrations can begin.
  • On the 15th of August each year,India celebrates its Independence day. The day kicks off with an address from the prime minister and continues with huge parades, processions and cultural events that make this an amazing time to visit.

Family holidays in August

August is the perfect time to get away as a family and you’ll be able to spend some incredible time together on a trip to one of our top choices for family getaways in August. It may be the a popular time to get away, but why not go off the beaten track to any of these destinations this August.

  • Perhaps the most famous Safari destination, Kenyais the perfect choice for a family tour in August. Go on safari together and see all of Africa’s most famous animals, including The Big Five. Kids will never forget seeing their favourite exotic animals in person. Stay in an eco-lodge or a traditional camp and have a trip that the whole family will always remember.
  • A visit to Vietnam is sure to be unforgettable for the whole family. No matter what age, children will love discovering the national parks, taking traditional boat rides and meeting local animals, such as the water buffalo here. Take a cooking class as a family and learn to cook traditional Vietnamese food which you’ll be able to recreate, even once your Vietnamese adventure is over.
  • The USA has so much to offer a family looking for the trip of a lifetime. Visit natural wonders of The Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone and so much more, or visit cities such as Washington D.C. and Chicago to experience the charm of these locations.

Honeymoon ideas in August

An August honeymoon is the perfect time to enjoy an incredibly romantic destination and escape to distant shores to enjoy some time together in a new place and relax on your first trip as a married couple.

  • For a classic honeymoon, visit Sri Lanka, whose breathtaking beaches and coves will be the perfect place to enjoy one another’s company before relaxing in a spa or luxury hotel. Explore Sri Lankan towns and cities while you’re here and see the bustle that this destination is so well known for. Try incredible authentic Sri Lankan food or even luxury cuisine.
  • Visit the natural paradise of The Philippinesand enjoy the beautiful areas around the jaw-dropping volcanoes and national parks. Discover the beaches, caves and islands that surround the coast and enjoy everything you could possibly ask for from a honeymoon trip.
  • Visit Iceland and enjoy this stunning country during the summer. Surrounded by greenery, nature and stunning natural fjords in the pleasant weather of August. Enjoy delicious food such as fresh fish in one of Reykjavik’s cool, up-and-coming restaurants. Iceland in the summer is perfect for honeymooners looking to enjoy time away together in a fairy tale world.