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Red Tsingy

Red Tsingy (Madagascar)

Practical information about Red Tsingy

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4 / 5 - One review
How to get there
2 hours by car from Diego-Suarez
When to go
From April to November
Minimum stay
Half a day

Reviews of Red Tsingy

Travel writer
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The Red Tsingys of Irodo are located two hours by road from the city of Diego-Suarez. Different from their limestone counterparts of Bemaraha and Ankarana National Parks, these Tsingys are formed of red sandstone and laterite. 

My suggestion:
You'll enjoy trying to identify the animal shapes that seem to have been carved into the landscapes by erosion.

Formed of a material that is more malleable than limestone, the red Tsingys are continuously modified by the water and wind erosion that perpetually carve new forms into the ground.

Three separate sites allow you to observe different Tsingy formations: from the top of a cliff you can overlook a vast canyon whose edges consist of Tsingys with incredible shapes and sizes, including one that resembles a giant dragon. Another site allows you to descend into a canyon to admire the Tsingys from ground level and admire their smooth and rounded shapes.

The route through the hills of the Analamerana massif of northern Madagascar to the Red Tsingys is strenuous, but is certainly worth the visit.

The Red Tsingys of Irodo