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An update from Evaneos

Our most popular trip types

At Evaneos we believe that travel is better when it brings people together.

There isn't just one way to travel. There are just as many different ways to explore a new place as there are travellers in the world.

We've made this inspirational page to help you imagine and then create your ideal trip, making it easier to choose the perfect holiday that fits your needs.

Would you rather travel solo and off-the-beaten-track, or do you want a guide to take you through some of the most famous sites in the world? Can't imagine going more than a few hours cut off from the world, or are you dreaming of wide open spaces without another person in sight?

Whichever you prefer, you can find it and more in the dozens of travel ideas for every continent prepared by our local agents. Take a look and find out which one inspires you!

Our other trip types

Too hard to choose between all these inspiring ideas?

No problem, the local agents selected by Evaneos know how to create a customized trip based on your needs. Every one of these ideas can be completely personalized and changed to fit you. Evaneos gives you the freedom to travel like never before

What about a Safari?

As a child your room was filled with stuffed girafes, elephants, and tigers. You saw The Lion King at least 10 times. You watch all the animal documentaries you can find and you already know what the Big Five* is. If that's the case, our "Untamed World" tours are made for you. Evaneos-Travel has carefully chosen exceptional tours to Africa, from Tanzania to Kenya, Namibia to Botswana, and from South Africa all the way north to Burkina Faso. Why not Benin or Cameroun too?

If it's less classic safari style adventures that you seek, why not try a different continent? You can find the same incredible "Untamed World" experiences in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Canada, New Zealand, or even Nepal...

Thanks, but I would prefer to make my own way without a guide or a driver... I can do it on my own!

Do the words 'organised travel', 'guided tours', or 'group outings' give you a headache? Would you prefer to rent a car or camping van and make your own way, discovering the countryside as you go along? Following a group is out of the question for you, total independence guarantees a successful trip.

We have selected the best trips to enjoy complete freedom, without any guides in the destination. On every continent, from Denmark to Indonesia, Brazil to the USA. Whether you want off the beaten track or total luxury, travelling without a guide has never been more simple.

Of course, like always with Evaneos, all of our travel ideas can be further personalised to create the perfect trip just for you!

*Big Five game animals usually refers to lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, and rhinos.