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The best places to visit in November

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Discover Kathmandu Valley
Approx. 5 daysFrom£460
Combined tours
Hidden Gems of the Equator - Borneo and Flores
Approx. 10 daysFrom£1,670
Family Adventure Tour
Approx. 11 daysFrom£1,300
Ancient Meets Modern
Approx. 11 daysFrom£1,140
4 WD And Hiking Adventure
Approx. 15 daysFrom£1,550
Discover a Timeless Culture
Approx. 14 daysFrom£2,230
Highlights and Golf Courses
Approx. 11 daysFrom£1,390
Winter Luxury, 8 Days
Approx. 8 daysFrom£2,840
Eco Tour
Approx. 14 daysFrom£1,700
Multi-Activity Adventure
Approx. 14 daysFrom£1,190
Volcanoes, Beaches, and Rainforests
Approx. 13 daysFrom£2,640
Explore the Tropics
Approx. 11 daysFrom£1,280
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Travel ideas in November

With cooler winter temperatures starting to set in and everyone looking forward to the holidays, November is the perfect month to get away to a far flung destination you have always wanted to visit. Our agents have created customisable tours in places like Nepal and China where cooler temperatures will make it easier to tackle big hikes in extraordinary landscapes. Otherwise,  escape the cold weather by visiting the warm climates of Borneo, Argentina, or Namibia–whatever you want from your holiday, an Evaneos local agent can help you find the best destination for November.

Nowhere else in the world holds as many hidden treasures as Nepal. Ancient temples and dusty village streets conceal a rich history, traditions, and welcoming attitudes, while some of the world’s tallest snow-capped peaks loom in the distance. Those wanting adventure can visit Nepal with the help of an Evaneos guide, discovering some of the world’s most challenging hikes and some of the most rewarding cultural excursions  on the planet.

In the heart of Southeast Asia, Borneo represents a hot cultural melting pot where you can escape cooler temperatures for tropic beaches and endless stretches of rainforests. Populated with lively, friendly locals and an incredible array of diverse wildlife, Borneo holds amazing surprises for all visitors. From its spicy local cuisine showing off the influences of several different cultures to the perfect beaches for lounging in the sun, Borneo is the perfect place to visit in November, taking you far away from the cooler temperatures back home.

 Costa Rica:
Nowhere else in the world has invested as much in preserving its stunning natural environment. The result is a haven of great weather, beautiful beaches, untouched rainforests, and the lowest crime rates in Central America. If the first cool winds of November have you dreading the freezing weather to come, Costa Rica can be your tropical refuge. A favourite among Evaneos travellers, Costa Rica is the perfect place to spend your November and an Evaneos local agent is the perfect person to organise the itinerary.

The regions, cities, and cultures of China are as different from each other as they are from the rest of the world–unlike anywhere else on Earth, China offers up a chaotic, changing, and also incredibly historic destination. With sprawling megacities in the throes of rapid modernization and quaint, peaceful villages still dotting unbelievable desert and mountain landscapes, China can be overwhelming. Its vast size also means that the climate varies greatly on where you will be heading. That said, many of China’s most desired locations, including Shanghai and The Great Wall, are accessible and less packed with tourists throughout the cooler month of November. A perfect time to see these amazing sites, your Evaneos guide will help direct you to the perfect China itinerary for your holiday in November.

For those who don’t mind the cold, Iceland is a great November destination, offering stunning views of one of the world’s most intriguing natural phenomena: the northern lights. Visible from several locations in Iceland, but only during the winter months, your Evaneos agent will develop the perfect plan for you to see all that Iceland’s quaint villages and natural beauty has to offer before heading to one of the most northern parts of the world to marvel at the night sky lit up in startling colours. An unmissable event for any traveller, November is the perfect time to scratch this must-do off of your list.

With unbelievable sites like the Shwedagon Paya palace, the temples of Bagan, and the beautiful Inle Lake, Burma is the perfect escape from cooler temperatures with cultural sites and history that can’t be found anywhere else. A country that is rapidly entering the 21st century with huge advances in technology and urban planning, but still bears the distinct marks of a culture from a completely different era, Burma is bursting with the energy of change and unique possibilities. Your local agent will be able to help you navigate all that potential and show you why it’s a great choice for travel in November.