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The best places to visit in September

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Combined tours
Treasures Of Southern Africa
Approx. 16 daysFrom£3,100
Hiking to the Far Reaches
Approx. 14 daysFrom£3,440
Best of the South-West, Classic
Approx. 10 daysFrom£1,540
Rainforest, Highlands and Beach Classic
Approx. 15 daysFrom£2,570
The Extraordinary South Coast
Approx. 12 daysFrom£1,240
Luxury Beaches, And Mayan Ruins
Approx. 8 daysFrom£2,380
Highlights And Colonial Towns
Approx. 15 daysFrom£1,690
Motorcycling Classic Tour
Approx. 13 daysFrom£2,770
The Vast Wilderness of Hokkaido 
Approx. 15 daysFrom£3,570
Birdwatching in the Himalayas
Approx. 21 daysFrom£5,500
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Travel ideas in September

There is no better month to travel than September. The school summer holiday is over, most of us are back to school or work, so most destinations are wonderfully quiet compared to previous months. The peak season is over, so flights are cheaper, so why not jet off to an exotic destination? To help you choose where to go, our local agents have chosen their favourite  places for September:

Japan is at its best in September. The heat and humidity of the summer has ebbed down, and it is fresh and mild in the East of the country. Our local agent recommends a 10-day tour combining the best of local culture and wilderness. Known as ‘the golden route’, explore the capital Tokyo, visit the famous Temples of Nikko and relax in Tokyo’s pristine spas. The tour continues in the beautiful Japanese countryside, at Lake Ashi, Dogashima Canyon Walk and Kyoto, staying in local Japanese accommodation along the way!

With the Brazilian winter just winding down in September, this is the perfect month to visit Rio de Janeiro. With temperatures that never get too hot or too cold, you have perfectly warm days to explore this gorgeous city, one of our local agent’s favourites, with its beaches and the infamous Sugarloaf peak, accessible by tram. Of course, Brazil is a huge country that boasts many more places to visit, including the largest rainforest in the world. With so much to do and see, and the perfect weather throughout this month, Brazil will make for the perfect September destination.

The Himalayas in Bhutan
The weather is ideal for a trekking holiday in Bhutan with clear visibility over the Himalayas. Travellers always fall in love with Bhutan for its lack of throngs of tourists, high value for money, unique culture, and stunning views of some of the world’s most impressive mountain ranges. Few countries rival the spectacular trails and gorgeous cliffside architecture to be found throughout Bhutan. Use your local Evaneos agent to make the most of your trip, discovering in-depth cultural experiences, hidden trails, and gorgeous natural settings to take full advantage of the great weather on your September holiday.

Anyone who has already travelled to Mexico knows that it offers some of the most stunning colonial architecture, food, and burgeoning cultural scenes in the world. From spicy salsas to gorgeous hiking trails to vast desert landscapes, Mexico has plenty to offer the curious traveller, and all just a few hours from the border with the U.S. Our local agents recommend this spectacular country in September for the warm weather left over from summer, but before the heavy rains start - the perfect time to take advantage of Mexico’s two different coasts.

A cultural melting pot that contains a huge amount of animal plant life not found anywhere else on the planet, Madagascar is one of the most unique destinations possible for a holiday and September is the perfect time to do it. Just before tourist season is in full swing, but after the sweltering heat of summer, Madagascar in September allows you to explore tropical beaches and jungles filled with animals like the adorable lemur, the symbol of the island. Our Evaneos agents are experts in the wide variety of activities, adventures, and delicious cuisine that Madagascar has to offer, and they will help you to create a tailor-made trip.