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Luxury Holidays

Tailor-made luxury tours, at local prices.
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Luxury Holidays

If a holiday for you is the chance to relax, pamper yourself and forget about any stress, far away from the ‘real world’ then luxury travel is for you. Relax in crystal clear water, on white sand beaches, in a luxury hotel or spa, in a beautiful rural village or town, or wherever takes your fancy. Whilst you can still take in culture and adventure, you’ll be able to intersperse this with time for yourself. You can visit a destination well-known for its luxury holiday opportunities or you can choose an up and coming destination that is fast becoming a name in the world of luxury travel. If you can’t decide on one single destination, why not go island hopping, or stay on a luxury boat, or even do a multi-destination trip, taking in several countries in one go?

Where to go on a luxury holiday?

Almost all destinations offer holiday options, accommodation and activities for a range of budgets, with many offering specialty luxury options too. Make your choice based on what you want to get out of your luxury holiday and then all you need to do it pack your bags and count down the days.

Luxury Holidays in the Sun

Nothing says luxury quite like tropical sun, white sand, blue sea and and exotic destinations. Why not jet off for a luxury island getaway, offering everything from jet skiing to beach-side spa?

  • The Philippines’ many islands have so many choices for your luxury holiday, so it’s a good job you don’t have to decide on just one. Hop from beautiful island to beautiful island, taking catamaran trips or even seaplanes to get from one to the next. Snorkel around the beautiful shores or relax in a spa with a massage or treatment. Stay in a beautiful beach-side cabin or luxury hotel with gourmet food and have the luxury holiday of a lifetime.
  • Sri Lanka too, whilst it may conjure images of bustling streets and busy markets, has a luxurious side. Spend your days lounging on an idyllic beach or exploring small seaside towns and delicious seafood, and your nights relaxing under the breathtaking Sri Lankan stars from the comfort of your luxury accommodation.

Luxury Spa and Relaxation Holidays

For a truly relaxing holiday, treat yourself to real luxury with a spa or relaxation based holiday. Why not go for a wellness, yoga or meditation retreat and learn the art of relaxation from true masters, such as monks or yogis.

  • The Maldives’ picture perfect setting is an ideal place to relax and escape the stress of daily life. Stay in a typical hut on stilts in the blue waters and swim with small sharks and dolphins. There are also some of the world’s top spas here, so why not go the whole way with a spa day and a yoga course and relax your mind and body?
  • In the world of yoga and wellness retreats, Balihas become one of the top destinations to get into the yogi spirit and enjoy a truly wholesome and relaxing luxury holiday. The surf culture that has established itself here, due to the perfect conditions that Bali’s beaches offer, mean that the atmosphere here is one of the most relaxing around. Enjoy deliciously healthy, fresh food as you learn to practice yoga or relax in a wellness centre in this stunning location.

Luxury Winter Holidays

If winter adventure is your idea of the perfect holiday but you don’t want to sacrifice any of the style, comfort or luxury of your trip then these luxury winter destinations are perfect for you.

  • VisitIceland’s geothermal spas that are based around the naturally occurring hot springs here. Spend a day at the famous Blue Lagoon, enjoying the therapeutic properties of the water and the mud here. For real style, why not spend the night in a glass topped hut to see the incredible Aurora Borealis from the comfort of your own bed?
  • The incredible architecture of Russia will instantly make you feel as though you are walking around in a real-life fairy tale and at no time is this setting more magical that in winter, when the snow falls almost as fast as the temperature! Make sure you wrap up warm to best enjoy this fascinating country. Spend your nights in incredible restaurants, bars and hotels that would be fit for a tsar.

Luxury Family Holidays

Travelling with a family doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice any of the comfort or luxury that you want from your trip.

  • Travel through Costa Rica and its many national parks, staying in luxury eco-lodges and hotels along the way. The children will love visiting the many nature reserves here and getting up close to the animals that call this country home. Take a guided tour through the canopies of the jungle on special walkways or zip lines, or walk up any of the stunning volcanoes that you’ll find here.
  • Enjoy the rich culture and bizarre landscapes of Jordan as you travel over Wadi Rum’s lunar sand dunes by foot, car or even quad bike. Stay in luxurious campsites, hotels or guest houses and enjoy local spa treatments that have been used for centuries. Visit the stunning palaces and buildings that you’ll find here with a guide and learn all about the history of Jordan.