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Manambolo (Madagascar)

Practical information about Manambolo

  • Nature Reserve / Wildlife Observation / Safari
  • Countryside
  • Mountain
  • River
  • Off the beaten track
5 / 5 - One review
How to get there
In Ankavandra
When to go
From April to November
Minimum stay
2 to 3 days

Reviews of Manambolo

Travel writer
193 travel articles

The Manambolo is a river that flows through the western part of Madagascar before flowing into the Mozambique Channel.

My suggestion:
Take a few days to journey downriver by pirogue.

From Ankavandra, at the foot of the Bongolava Mountains, it is possible to journey down the Manambolo in a pirogue to reach Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. The journey takes about 3 days and allows you to discover the landscapes along the river... for an experience that is guaranteed to be far from the beaten track!

The journey allows you to discover a long, quiet river whose generally shallow waters carry large quantities of silt, which gives Malagasy rivers their characteristic earth colour.

On leaving Ankavandra, the river is wide and you travel peacefully with the flow of the current. Little by little the landscapes change, the terrain becomes more accidental as it approaches the Bemaraha Plateau, until it eventually penetrates the gorges of the massif. The river is then lined with huge cliffs with large trees growing out of them - shelters for families of lemurs and the screeching birds which we can hear from our small boat.

The Manambolo River