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Holidays for Solo Travellers

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Travelling Solo

Solo travel has long been hailed as the ultimate travel experience and it isn’t hard to see why. Travelling solo allows you to work to your own schedule, as well as to connect with other travellers, locals and the destination itself whilst exploring the grey area outside your own comfort zone. Solo travel can be daunting for some but it has to be experienced to be loved, since when predicting your trip, you would never predict the countless welcoming locals, helpful travellers and great friends that you will meet along the way. People often talk about life-changing trips, and on a solo trip, so many important life lessons are learned than it’s impossible not to come away with a new and improved perspective on life. So if you find yourself with some time on your hands and a itch to explore the world, pack up now for the solo trip of a lifetime.

Should I go travelling alone?

Travelling alone is an excellent choice for you whether you’re a confident traveller or would like to become one. You will learn about the destination, about travel and about yourself.

Travelling alone is a great way to learn a language is you’re after a more educational trip.

If the idea of a rigid schedule doesn’t sound like your idea of fun and you want the freedom to pick and choose activities, stop offs and how long you spend in each place, then travelling alone is the perfect choice for you since you won’t be accountable for anyone else, and will be able to be flexible on your trip.

How to prepare for a solo trip

Solo trips can be intimidating for less experienced travellers and as such it’s important to make sure you’re well-prepared.

  • One way to prepare is to build up to solo travel, first travelling with friends and getting used to spending time in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by unfamiliar language and culture. In no time, you’ll learn to love it and you’ll be ready for your solo trip.
  • Reading up on your chosen destination is also important, since you will be alone and will be solely responsible for your itinerary, you’ll want to make sure that you use your time and money well to get the most out of your time.
  • Your local agent will also be an excellent source of information and reassurance since they will be able to provide local insights and recommendations to make sure you don’t feel as though you are out of your depth in a foreign country.
  • Packing is another important element of solo travel, since you won’t be able to borrow supplies from friends and if you forget something, you will likely have to buy supplies during your trip. Make sure you take the climate and your planned activities in to account before leaving to make sure you’re well prepped!

Best destinations for solo travel

Since solo travel is such anenriching experience it is best complemented by destinations with a rich history and culture, giving you lots to explore. Countries in Asia are usually those which welcome the most solo travellers each year, which is undoubtedly due to its welcoming people, who make solo travellers feel as though they are a part of the community. Stay with a local family to experience this fully, as well as to taste some fantastic authentic food. The predominant religions in Asia are Hinduism and Buddhism and the teachings of these religions are adamant about hospitality and the treatment of strangers, meaning you will be treated as a special guest by many of the people that you meet. Make sure that you return the favour, treating those who welcome you with respect and good grace and you are sure to develop some life-long friendships. Whilst there are so many possible destinations for solo travel, South America is another popular choice, due to the rich history here. Visit Machu Picchu and stay in the foothills with a local family who will tell you all about the intricate history and belief system that were the pillars of the mighty Mayan civilisation so many years ago.

Wherever you choose to visit, make sure you set off with the right mindset and you’re sure to have the time of your life travelling solo.  

The best destinations for solo travellers