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The most important information when travelling in Iceland

Iceland is known for its tough winters and its snowy landscapes, but it's a country which is full of surprises in all seasons. Here are some practical ideas to help you prepare for your trip to this country.

When to go

The seasons are the same in Iceland as in the UK. So the main tourist season goes from June to August According to the trip that you want to do, you can enjoy Iceland in the summer when the temperatures are pleasant. If you like winter, the cold, and difficult conditions then visit in winter to discover breathtaking landscapes.

Entry requirements

For Europeans, for stays of less than 3 months in Iceland, an identity card or a passport which is valid for at least 3 months after the trip is all you need. But taking a passport is best especially for those travelling from the UK.

There is no need for a visa.

For more details you can look on the government website.

Health advice

It's not necessary to take any health precautions for trips to Iceland. For Europeans you can take your European health insurance card to cover any potential medical fees.

Airline tickets

According to the season, the price of a plane ticket can vary enormously. It can go from £100 to £300 or more in summer though there are some cheap connections available from London. The price of course depends on the airline used as well as how far in advance you book.

Time difference

In summer there's 1 hour time difference between Iceland and the UK and no difference in the winter. When it's 10pm in London it's either 10pm or 9pm in Reykjavik.


The official language is Icelandic. It's known for being the most difficult language in the world!

Relevant contacts

The British embassy in Iceland
Laufásvegur 31
101 Reykjavik

The Icelandic embassy in the UK

2A Hans St, London

Public hospital « Sjukrahus Reykjavikur » (or City Hospital) in the capital:
Tel: +354 5251700 (A&E).

Phone and internet connection

The dialling code for Iceland is 354.

Iceland is a western country so you won't have any trouble finding an Internet connection.


You'll need a standard European adaptor for the sockets in Iceland.

Culture and Discovery


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