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An update from Evaneos

Best places to visit in Iceland

Iceland’s culture and natural landscapes are unlike anywhere else. A place with such diverse landscapes isn’t for everyone, but for those who love nature and are unfazed by cold weather, Iceland is not to be missed.

The northern capital is charming and has the benefit of being a 'large' town in the heart of fjord country.
A small seaside village which is home to several beautiful rock formations on the cliffs.
Europe's most powerful waterfall, and most recently, the star of the film Prometheus!
Dyrholaey is a promontory located not far from Vik in the south of the country, which from the top of its cliffs offers a staggering view of the surroundings, especially an impressive arch in the middle of the sea.
Fjords that tourists tend to quickly pass through on their way to their next destination (either Jokulsarlon or Myvatn) and yet which offer a view of a more traditional and picturesque side of Iceland.
An unpronounceable name that everyone can remember because it was this volcano which forced all air traffic to stop in 2010.
Fjallsárlón is 5 miles from its more famous big brother: Jökulsárlón. There may be a tendency to mix them up, but by whatever name, here nature is sublime and the sight grandiose! 
Some of the most beautiful sites to see and admire are the original peat houses. Factor in some time for delving into the Icelandic Saga stories. 
The fall of the Gods is about mid-distance between Akureyri and Lake Myvatn, a must-see stop for those who pass through there.
The Golden Circle is a tour of three of the most famous sites in Iceland: the Thingvellir National Park, Geysir and the Gullfoss Falls. Leaving from Reykjavik, you can do this tour in a day.
A wonderful waterfall with the added bonus of an often-present rainbow!
A pleasant fishing port has become the best site from which to depart to go whale watching.
In my opinion, the "Blue Lagoon" of the north of the country, this hot water pool located in Myvatn is a true delight for a relaxing break during your trip after a long day of walking.
One of the most beautiful parts of the island are the icebergs drifting on the water. It's a sight you simply cannot miss.
Krafla caldera is a volcanic site that is amazing for hiking with a large variety of geothermal phenomena to admire.
The most beautiful place in Iceland! Landmannalaugar is a region with spectacular and unreal scenery.
The region around Lake Myvatn is one of Iceland's most beautiful volcanic sites.
One of the most active sites around Mývatn. Here the ground boils beneath our feet and you really notice it, what with the steaming vents, sulphur, and mud pools!
The capital of the country is not a city like the others, with 2/3 of the population concentrated in the centre and the surrounding area. It is the northernmost capital in the world and especially an essential part of any trip to Iceland.
A beautiful and accessible waterfall in the south of Iceland.
Skaftafell is an essential place to go if you want to get up close to a glacier or go hiking in the national park, to which this area is one of the gateways.
A very beautiful waterfall in the southern part of the island, easily accessible during a trip to the southern part of Iceland.
A glacier that became world famous thanks to Jules Verne, who began his "Journey to the centre of the Earth" here.
A beautiful park located at the tip of the peninsula with the same name, towered over by Snaefellsjökull glacier, which was chosen by Jules Verne as the departure point for his "Journey to the Centre of the Earth".
Waterfall with basaltic organ pipes in the heart of Skaftafell National Park.
This tongue of the Vatnajokull glacier is visible from route n°1 and remains very accessible for people who wish to see a glacier up close.
Not just a stunning Natural Park, but also a UNESCO-listed site steeped in history.
Departure or arrival of the great Landmmanalaugar hike - Thorsmork, which is only accessible by four-wheel drive, is a must see of the inland.
Both a national park and a glacier, Vatnajokull possesses marvels by the dozen.
This village is famous for its beach of black sand, its sea-battered rocks and its charming church.