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What to do in Iceland?

Iceland is one of Europe’s fastest growing tourist destinations and with so much beauty, variety and culture, it’s no wonder that tourists keep returning to the island. If you haven’t yet been and are wondering if Iceland is for you, be inspired our top 5 reasons to travel to Iceland:

  • For a trip that’s suitable for any age or traveller. Whether you’re travelling with children, with friends, as a couple or going solo, Iceland is the perfect destination. Children and adults alike will be blown away by the dramatic cliffs of the fjords or the thrill of seeing a whale up close.
  • For a culture trip. Reykjavik is well known for its artsy atmosphere and you will notice this as soon as you step foot in this cool city, with cool bars, cafes, museums, galleries and shops around every corner.
  • For delicious food. Stay in Reykjavik for a taste of haute cuisine in any of the cool, minimalistic restaurants that are becoming famous here, or go off the beaten track; going on a fishing trip in the afternoon to catch your evening meal. Iceland’s fresh seafood is unbeatable and this alone is well worth the trip!
  • For an experience of Iceland’s animals. See the wild ponies that roam the fjords here as you hike around this incredible location. Visit the westman islands to see the famous puffins that live here in their hundreds. Go on a once in a lifetime cruise to see the whales and killer whales that live in the waters surrounding Iceland.  
  • For more natural beauty than you’ve ever seen. Visit one of the many stunning waterfalls, fjords, villages, beaches, cities or forests here, which are almost entirely untouched. Godafoss, meaning ‘the waterfall of the gods’ is just one unmissable spot, why not have a picnic here to truly enjoy it. The black sand beach is just one example of an incredible Icelandic cove, with so many more, such as Diamond Beach.
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When to go in Iceland?

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Start planning your one week tour to Iceland

Iceland’s incredible sites are perfect for anyone looking for a 7 day trip that will go beyond their wildest expectations. Whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple, with a group or with family, Iceland has something for everyone and every age. See the famous Northern Lights, or the national parks and waterfalls that are dotted all over the country. Travel at your own pace on a road trip or sit back and relaxed on an organised tour.

Best things to see and do for one week in Iceland

What to see in one week

A one week winter tour of Iceland could best be spent on a driving tour around the South coast. Filled with sights like the famous (and unpronounceable) Eyjafjallajökull Volcano or the gorgeous Seljalandsfoss waterfalls, Iceland’s Southern coast is the perfect destination for nature lovers with almost all sites accessible on a day trip from Reykjavik for those who want a balance between city life and wild exploration. In the summertime, a full seven days should be spent on an express tour of the entire island, circling all of the incredible landscapes Iceland has to offer along its main ring road. 

The first thing on your itinerary for your one week holiday to Iceland should be a trip to Reykjavik. Here you can get a sense of the atmosphere of this stunning country, whilst enjoying the culture and fascinating sites. Once you’ve enjoyed the city, head out into the wilderness to see incredible sites such as Jokulsarlon, a glacial lagoon peppered with breath-taking icebergs. This is one view that you won’t see everyday and one that you certainly won’t forget. Continue on to see the waterfalls at Skaftafell and Skogar for more impressive nature. Finally, a week in Iceland wouldn’t be complete without a sighting of the famous puffins. The best place to observe these creatures is at Husavik, where you can go on a boat tour or a tour on foot to see them in their natural territory.

What to do in one week

With so much to do in one week in Iceland, it can be overwhelming to try to decide on where to start. Why not start with some hiking or walking in Vatnajokull National Park, where you can find volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls, and the Vatnajokull Glacier. Next, move onto a bit of horse riding in Hella and see even more of the incredible surroundings. A whale watching tour is another activity that is not to be missed during your one week trip to Iceland. Head to Keflavik for a boat trip off-shore to see the giant mammals that live off Iceland’s coasts. After all that excitement, relax with some delicious food, such as the lobster in Hofn and enjoy a view of the phenomena of the Northern Lights.

One night in each destination should suffice, as you circle from glaciers to charming villages to breathtaking mountains, stopping to take advantage of Iceland’s best activities like snowmobiling, ice-skating, and of course, the world-famous Northern Lights.

Best time to travel to Iceland for a week

The question of when to visit Iceland for your one week trip will depend on what you want from your time here. For outdoor excursions, its best to visit during the warmer months, between June and September, whereas if its the Northern Lights you want to see, visit between Mid-October and March. The best months for whale watching are June and July, however this will depend on the weather during that particular year. Whenever you decide to visit, you’ll make incredible memories here during your 7 day trip.

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