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The 5 reasons to go to in Namibia

With landscapes as incredible as they are unique, a trip to Namibia will not leave you unimpressed! Throughout your stay, you will be able to experience the true spectacle of nature, with immense dunes, animal reserves and Etosha National Park, the canyon and big green spaces. Here are 5 of the many reasons you should visit Namibia.

  1. 1
    Go sandboarding on the Namibian dunes, or do some other extreme sporting activity
  2. 2
    Discover the animals of the savannah
  3. 3
    Learn about the Himbas and other Namibian ethnic groups
  4. 4
    Discover breathtaking and limitless scenery
  5. 5
    Travel in a safe and secure country
1. Go sandboarding on the Namibian dunes, or do some other extreme sporting activity
Get an adrenaline rush from the sporting activities in the four corners of Namibia: sandboard on the dunes or go hot-air ballooning above them, go kayaking in the lagunas, or take an ATV for a game drive to observe the treasures of Namibia's wildlife and flora.
2. Discover the animals of the savannah
Namibia offers you the chance to get close to the big animals of the African Savannah: elephants, antelopes, zebras, giraffes and if you're lucky, the lions. To have an animal experience, you can view them from your vehicle in the heart of Etosha National Park, or from on board a private ATV in a natural reserve in Damaraland or even one in Waterberg.
3. Learn about the Himbas and other Namibian ethnic groups
Various ethnic groups call Namibia home: the Himbas, the Damaras, the Ovambos and the Afrikaners leading to a melting pot of great diversity that is culturally and socially rich.
4. Discover breathtaking and limitless scenery
Namibia features infinite natural landscapes what with its sand dunes, Etosha National Park, the canyon, the Skeleton Coast and the region of Damaraland where you can encounter desert elephants, black rhinos and desert lions.
5. Travel in a safe and secure country
Namibia is a safe, even modern country, offering excellent and comfortable conditions- especially in the lodges. The people are welcoming and the population is diverse, being made up of various local ethnicities.
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Why go to in Namibia?

Taking a trip to Namibia means discovering breathtaking landscapes and exploring its immense wildlands, replete with unique and varied wildlife- away from mass tourism. But it also means going on an adventure- one which isn't necessarily for every traveller. More details here.
We recommend if...
  • You love adventure and the unexpected and aren't afraid to go sandboarding on the dunes
  • You dream of exploring desert landscapes
  • You want to get a rush of adrenaline from various sporting activities
  • You care about wildlife conservation
  • You want to learn more about the local ethnic groups and their ancestral traditions

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When to go in Namibia?

The best time to go to Namibia is during the dry season, between April and November: it's warm and sunny throughout the country. Those readers with allergies would be better off, however, putting off their trip until the first few weeks of November or the month of April: there may be showers here and there, but they won't stop you enjoying the trip and you'll run into fewer tourists. Do make sure, however, to avoid the rainy season.
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