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Best places to visit in Malaysia

Malaysia is still a relatively hidden gem when it comes to tourism. But its sports and cultural activities, as well as the feeling of relaxation it inspires, should convince even the most sceptical.

Its capital, Kuala Lumpur, is a perfect example of the mix of cultures in this country, where Malays, Chinese and many Westerners live together in harmony. Make the most of your time in the capital by going on trips to the surrounding area: plan a visit to Malacca, one of the most beautiful towns in the country.

The island of Penang, in the North, is a jewel that absolutely merits a visit. Also of note is Georgetown,, with its street art and lively atmosphere, a beautiful place to wander through and to discover its gastronomy, reputed to be one of the best in Asia.

Even further North, near the Thailand border, you'll find Pulau Langkawi, with its fine sandy beaches, its duty-free products and its child-friendly spaces – it's an excellent choice for a family holiday.

At Borneo, the jungle is the main attraction, but there are other treasures to discover. Kuching, the capital and the most developed city in this part of the island, offers fantastic cuisine and night life, all just an hour's drive away from orang-utans in semi-freedom and wild crocodiles in the China sea.

In the North East, you'll find turtle island, entirely dedicated to preserving these impressive land and water species. 

Give in to the temptation to also discover the Cameron Highlands, unique landscapes filled with strawberry fields and tea plantations. Situated in the Malaysian peninsula, this destination is popular among fans of hiking, with temperatures remaining comfortable all year round.

There's no doubt about it: Malaysia is home to many treasures, whether on land or in the water. And don't forget its incredible cuisine!

Marie Foucaut
A national park with a great wealth of plant and animal life. Not to be missed by lovers of nature and wildlife who are searching for intense hiking-safaris in Borneo.
Labuk Bay, a big animal reserve on Borneo , is the only park where you can see the protected proboscis monkeys.
A small island off the west coast, at a stone's throw from the mainland, Pangkor is enchanting and calm. It's home to white, sandy beaches, bordered by a lush jungle.
This is a diver’s paradise, famous for its barracuda tornadoes and turtle cemetery. A definite must if you plan to go diving on your Malaysian trip .
Turtle Islands National Park consists of ten islands located between Malaysia and the Philippines.
Ancient spice route trading post, Penang has long fascinated travellers. This little island located in the Strait of Malacca is really a place apart in Malaysia.
A Malaysian state located in northern Borneo, with wild treasures of great quality.
Taman Negara, a Malaysian coastal forest reserve, is located on Penang island. It was declared a national park over 10 years ago.
For me, George Town is the most fascinating town in Malaysia. A former trading post on the ancient Spice Route and a classified UNESCO World Heritage Site, it's famous for its perfectly preserved, colonial old town.
The Belum forest reserve is a fabulous place in Malaysia.
4/5ths of Borneo island belong to Indonesia and the rest to Malaysia and Brunei.
Over the years, the mountains of the Cameron Highlands, the biggest health resort in the country, have become an indispensable stop for backpackers to Southeast Asia.
Kek Lok Si, or the Temple of Supreme Bliss, is one of the biggest Buddhist temples in south east Asia. It's on Penang Island, in the Malacca Strait.
The meeting place for many of the animal species of Borneo. It is a must for lovers of nature, adventure and wild animals.
The elephant sanctuary is an elephant orphanage in Kuala Gandah 2 hours away up north from Kuala Lumpur by car.
Kuching or Cat Town.
Malacca, a city located in southwestern Malaysia, is considered to be the oldest port in the country.
Sandakan, as the second most important town of Sabah state, enjoys a strategic position for tourism. 
Families and animal lovers will adore this natural reserve, where you can see some of the world's last orangutans living in the wild. 
Located on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves shelter little cave-dwelling temples and a huge statue of the God Murugan.
Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur, is a multi-faceted city. It blends the modernity of the famous Petronas Twin Towers with the Kampung Baru old quarter, where wood built houses line the streets.
Mount Kinabalu is the highest point in all Borneo!
A beautiful island just a few kilometres from Kota Kinabalu. Perfect for a relaxing day or a spot of exercise outside the town.
Kota Kinabalu or KK as it is generally known, is located in Sabah state.
Kuala Tembeling is located at the meeting point of the Tembeling and Jelai rivers in Malaysia, and it is where to get a transfer to the Taman Negara national park.
Would you like to spend a few days on a small island, combining relaxation, meeting new people and diving? Mabul is an ideal destination that combines all these.
Sepilok is an orang-utan rehabilitation centre located in the Malaysian state of Sabah, on the island of Borneo. For some it's an essential place to visit. For others it's somewhere to avoid. 
Port Dickson is a small seaside resort that is one hour by car from Kuala Lumpur, and its most frequent visitors at the weekend are locals.
A small village living in the shadow of its past.
Kota Bharu is the capital of Kelantan State, on the northeast coast of the Malaysian peninsula. With a population of 500,000, it's one of the biggest towns in the north of the country.