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Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Practical information about Kuala Lumpur

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3 / 5 - 4 reviews
How to get there
12 hours and 30 minutes flight from London
When to go
All year round
Minimum stay
2 to 3 days

Reviews of Kuala Lumpur

Lorette Vinet Travel writer
61 travel articles

As well as being the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is one of Asia's hubs. It is a modern town surrounded by oil palms where you should spend several days.

My suggestion:
Whether you like towns, night life, nature or traditional life, you can find something to enjoy when you are walking round Kuala Lumpur during your trip to Malaysia.

I had the choice of 2 flights and had decided to do a long stop-over in Kuala Lumpur. I had a little more than 24 hours in front of me and wanted to make the most of them. As I had arrived in the middle of the day I went walking around the local wet market, Chow Kit; wandered through the centre to buy souvenirs; stopped to draw a mosque and ended up just after night fall in the business centre, looking at the illuminated Petronas towers.

Then, very early, I had to go to Lake Gardens and, once I had had a shower, go back there to visit the orchid garden, the butterfly park and the birds. 

It was a bit tight for visiting this green capital, a bit of a race! Of course, I didn't have time to see lots of other beautiful things, so don't do what I did, stay there a bit longer.

The Petronas Towers
Kuala lumpur a été la première étape d'un road trip en Malaisie. Ce fut finalement la ville que nous avons le moins appréciée de la Malaisie. On observe un net contraste entre la population aisée et populaire ainsi que les différences entre les quartiers. D'un côté il y a les centres commerciaux de luxe clinatisés, les grands hôtels, le quartier affaires, les grandes rues illuminées, les belles voitures. De l'autre côté, des rues populaires, pas toujours très propres, des restaurants en plein air, qui font la cuisine sur le trottoir, les fruits exotiques decoupés vendus en sachet, des marchés de contrefaçon... On constate toujours l'attirance et la curiosité pour les européens, des quartiers aussi intéressants les uns que les autres (little india, china town, business district..). Kuala Lumpur dispose aussi de parcs, de beaux espaces verts qui sont à visiter. Le centre est assez petit.
Travel writer
49 travel articles

Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur, is a multi-faceted city. It blends the modernity of the famous Petronas Twin Towers with the Kampung Baru old quarter, where wood built houses line the streets.

My suggestion:
If you're looking to stay in a quiet, typical neighbourhood, opt for Chow Kit or Kampung Baru.

Kuala Lumpur will probably be your first stop during your tour of Malaysia. Travellers don't often hang around, prefering to head directly to the coast or central parts of the country. All the same, this modern, human scale capital city has a lot on offer and those who stay here will be pleasantly surprised.

The first site I visited on arrival in Kuala Lumpur was the Petronas Twin Towers. Two dizzying 575m towers point towards the heavens. You can go up to the 35th floor and admire an amazing view of the capital. My favourite parts of town were, without doubt, Kampung Baru and the Chow Kit market. Take a stroll during the evening call to prayer - the muezzin's voice resonates across the streets.

I also visited Chinatown and Pasar Besar, which are great shopping areas if you're looking for souvenirs and other trinkets. But be pepared to drive a hard bargain! Another good area for shopping is Bukit Bintang, where you'll find huge, ultra-modern shopping centres. This is also the area where you'll find cheap accommodation.

Kualal Lumpur by night
Travel writer
25 travel articles

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia in south east Asia. The country has borders with Thailand and Singapore. This really lively town, dominated by sky scrapers, is worth stopping in during your trip to Malaysia.

My suggestion:
You need at least 3 days to visit Kuala Lumpur. Whatever the season it's hot but you still need a jumper because of the air-conditioning. Watch out for the sudden temperature change when you go into buildings.

I stayed in Kuala Lumpur for 4 months. I liked it a lot because there are a thousand and one things to do and see.

Of all the countries I visited in south east Asia, I really fell in love with Malaysia. It's a good compromise between big city and nature (jungle).
If you are just passing through then you should walk through the capital's different areas, especially Chinatown and Little India. Kuala Lumpur has three main ethnic groups: Malays, Chinese and Indians. Walking in Kuala Lumpur is like taking a cultural voyage: from Buddhist and Hindu temples to the call to prayer coming from the mosques.

Then I suggest you spend an afternoon at the Batu Caves (a complex of Hindu temples) which is 15 km north of the capital. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes because you have to climb up 272 steps.
Finally, Malaysian cuisine is spectacular. You absolutely must try " Nasi Lemak" (sticky rice boiled in coconut milk, anchovies, peanuts and cucumber, served in a banana leaf) for breakfast, it's really delicious.

The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur