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France Travel Guide

Best places to visit in France

France is famous throughout the whole world for its particular approach to life and way of living. The idea of spending a honeymoon in the country is a dream shared by many couples. France offers a multitude of different holiday possibilities: exploring its towns and cities, visiting its mountain or coastal regions, spending time in its countryside, exploring its gastronomic traditions, etc. To help you put together your own holiday, Evaneos' French writers here provide a selection of places they are especially fond of, including some that are not particularly well known.

Paris is of course THE international capital of fashion and romanticism and one of the absolutely essential places to see when visiting France. However, visiting cities such as Nantes or Lille, which – and as is often the case with French towns and cities – present a combination of both modernity and old and ancient buildings and architecture, gives you the opportunity to experience a less hectic pace of life than that offered by the capital. You can take advantage of this by spending time enjoying wine and French cuisine on the terrace of a local restaurant once the evenings begin to get longer.

Lovers of nature and the outdoors will greatly enjoy wandering the tracks and trails that run along the cliffs of Étretat and exploring its slightly wild coastline; or equally that of the Mediterranean around Marseille, where you can enjoy the wonderful experience of diving into the blue waters at the edge of a little cove or creek.

Fans of historic buildings and monuments have the wonderfully well-preserved Château de Chantilly to explore, or the ancient and medieval houses there are to be found in the little town of Sarlat in Dordogne Getting far away from the capital gives you the opportunity to discover more about France's history, enabling you to see the country in a whole new light!

Simply choose whatever corresponds best to the things you like seeing and doing and create a holiday to suit your own particular tastes and personality.