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Sri Lanka itineraries & trip ideas

On the following pages you will find some ideas to help you create your trip to Sri Lanka. During your visit, keep in mind that all these travel ideas are fully customisable. Sri Lankan travel agents, selected by Evaneos Travel, are available to help you develop your personalised...On the following pages you will find some ideas to help you create your trip to Sri Lanka. During your visit, keep in mind that all these travel ideas are fully customisable. Sri Lankan travel agents, selected by Evaneos Travel, are available to help you develop your personalised itinerary... You can choose to alternate tours of Buddhist ruins with relaxing on white sandy beaches, or maybe you prefer water sports... In all cases, you will have the chance to appreciate the innate sense of hospitality of the Sri Lankans. Regardless of your hosts’ religion or culture (Tamil, Sinhalese or Muslim) Sri Lankans have a very acute sense of hospitality, a great sense of being welcoming and a pride for their country. One of your principle desires on this trip to Sri Lanka might be to see the country’s southern mountains, whilst they are still enveloped by a cottony morning mist... Enjoy the freshness of the ride into the heart of the tea plantations adorned by the colourful saris of the gatherers. Or maybe you would prefer to search for ancient Buddhist statues forgotten in the jungle just outside Anuradhapura?Continue reading

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14 customisable tours in Sri Lanka
  • Highlights
Sri Lanka for families with children
Our fully customizable, private 10-day Sri Lanka highlights tour has been designed for families traveling with children aged 5 and up. Your...
Approx.10 daysFrom£770
  • Highlights
Grand tour of Sri Lanka
This tour is perfect for those looking for a complete first experience in the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. You will start by exploring different...
Approx.16 daysFrom£1,440
  • Off the beaten track
Fisherman villages and temples in Northern Sri Lanka
Approx.14 daysFrom£1,640
  • Highlights
Whale watching and heritage sites for families with teenagers
Our fully customizable, private 15-day Sri Lanka tour has been designed for families traveling with teenagers or older children. Your tour...
Approx.15 daysFrom£1,200
  • Highlights
In-depth discovery for families with children 
Our fully customisable, private two-week Sri Lanka tour has been designed for families travelling with children from aged 3 and...
Approx.14 daysFrom£1,120
  • Highlights
National parks and ancient cities
If the real attraction for you is to see the different aspects of the Island of Sri Lanka, then this program is the perfect mix for you. During...
Approx.13 daysFrom£1,550
  • Adventure
Magical Pearl of the Orient
This tour is for the nature lovers who are looking to hike and be amazed by some of the most breathtaking views of Sri Lanka’s nature. The...
Approx.16 daysFrom£1,390
  • Highlights
Ceylon's sacred sites and National Parks
If you are looking for a holiday that encompasses nature and adventure, with a touch of culture, than this is the perfect tour for you....
Approx.16 daysFrom£1,440
  • Highlights
Mirissa whales and South Sri Lanka wildlife
If the real attraction for you is the local flora and fauna then this programme will give you a chance to experience the best of Sri Lanka! Sri Lanka...
Approx.10 daysFrom£1,170
  • Highlights
Honeymoon adventure in Ceylon and the Maldives 
Ceylon, The Pearl of the India Ocean is the best destination for a romantic honeymoon journey. A program to discover the major sites of Sri Lanka, to...
Approx.12 daysFrom£1,300
  • Highlights
Best of Sri Lanka
Explore beautiful Sri Lanka during 9 days! On this trip, you see the beautiful nature with its incredible flora and fauna, enjoy the local gastronomy...
Approx.9 daysFrom£1,690
  • Highlights
The Pearl for Honeymooners
Escape to the exotic paradise of the Indian Ocean’s perfect romantic island getaway. The crystal-clear waters await you in a combination of some of...
Approx.16 daysFrom£1,630
  • Highlights
Family wildlife and beach adventure
Travel to the northern parts of Sri-Lanka, where caramel-sanded beaches are ideal in the summer months and wildlife is vibrantly abundant with...
Approx.12 daysFrom£770
  • Off the beaten track
Home-stays, tea plantations, and unspoiled landscapes
Travel away from Sri Lanka’s typical tourist routes and discover the island’s more remote and exclusive destinations. Meet the incredible people...
Approx.12 daysFrom£830

Travelling to Sri Lanka: final tips and advice

So you’re thinking about taking a trip to Sri Lanka, but it’s not easy finding information on this little-known country. But wait! No need to fret. The Evaneos Travel team, driven by their passion for this destination, have created a practical guide to Sri Lanka! In it you’ll find all the practical information you need before travelling to Sri Lanka: administrative formalities, health, what to pack… As it relates to culture, you’ll learn that cricket is the national sport that really draws the crowds, you’ll learn what language is spoken here… and you’ll understand the history of Sri Lanka. Of course, to help you prepare for your trip to Sri Lanka, you’ll find travel ideas as well as answers to your pre-trip questions such as: What type of transportation should I use? What should I eat while there? What are the habits and customs? All this information and more can be found in the practical guide to Sri Lanka.
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