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Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak (Sri Lanka)

Practical information about Adam’s Peak

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5 / 5 - One review
How to get there
1.5 hours from Hatton in taxi
When to go
Between April and December
Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Adam’s Peak

Pierre Laurent Travel writer
3 travel articles

A pilgrimage place for four religions, this sacred mountain reveals all of its splendour at sunrise. An easy but gruelling walk, not to be missed!

My suggestion:
Start the climb between 2 and 3 am so as to admire the sun rise and avoid April's full moon which marks the high point of the pilgrimage season, unless you want to bear witness to the fervour of the Sri Lankan people.

Before leaving, its 5200 steps made us smile: it can't be that bad! After 2.5 hours of effort, we did not still have the same opinion! By way of comparison, the Eiffel Tower 'only' has 1665 steps. However, it's not just reserved for experienced athletes, we saw several families climbing with their children. Still be ready to have some aches the next day!

It's best to do the climbing at night which certainly prevents you from being too discouraged when faced with the endless steps. The sunrise is amazing, no doubt magnified by the perfect triangle that the shadow of Adam's Peak forms. Be warned however that the temple located at the summit and protecting the footprint of Adam, of Buddha or of Shiva (according to the different religions) is only open during the pilgrimage period which is between December and April.

Upon descending you can observe the several waterfalls that gush on neighbouring mountains and the luxurious valleys typical of this region of Sri Lanka. A psychologically and physically exhausting experience but nevertheless unforgettable!

Tea plantations and Adam's Peak