The 5 reasons to go to in Mongolia

Breathe in Mongolia's stunning views, enjoy unusual experiences and let yourself be blown away by the intrepid Mongolian horsemen, whose bloodline dates back to Genghis Khan, the fiercest warrior of them all!
  1. 1
    Enjoy new and exciting experiences
  2. 2
    Living in a yurt
  3. 3
    Marvel at Mongolians galloping at break neck speed
  4. 4
    Discover nomadic life
  5. 5
    Discover Mongolia's vast expanses
1. Enjoy new and exciting experiences
Travelling to a country like Mongolia requires a lot of give and take - even the most organised of travellers will have their patience tested. But it also gives the country a certain charm! Whatever the case, you'll have fun, even if your Jeep has just broken down in the middle of nowhere and you're sweltering under a scorching sun with the bonnet open. Taking it in your stride and having a good laugh with your Mongolian driver will brighten any day! Mongolia is an upredictable country, which is why visitors often wish to go back.
2. Living in a yurt
Bright, airy microcosms, yurts are part and parcel of Mongolian life. You're highly likely to spend the night in one during a holiday in Mongolia. And where you'll no doubt huddle around its stove, a necessity for life in the great outdoors. Stoves are lit throughout the year, as winters are glacial and summer evenings can get chilly. Enjoying yurt life also means helping nomadic families move. Once disassembled, the reindeer skins and wooden supports need to be carefully packed into a lorry.
3. Marvel at Mongolians galloping at break neck speed
A Mongolian without a horse? It's like a fish without water. All Mongolians are experienced riders; see them hurtling across the steppes faster than the speed of sound. Even young kids will scramble on to a horse and race to the finish. During the Naadam festival a host of competitions are held, with horse racing being top of the bill. It's an incredible sight to see the Mongolians, clothed in traditional costumes, leap on their mounts and frenetically race across several kilometres.
4. Discover nomadic life
One joy during a trip to Mongolia is to meet the nomadic communities that have inhabited these secluded lands for hundreds of years. Mongolians are warm, welcoming people who'll love introducing you to their world. Being herdsmen, this is a world where animals play an important role and their four-legged beasts won't cease to surprise you - yaks, in particular, are incredible creatures! But this fascinating side hides a darker reality, as nomadic life is harsh and unforgiving.
5. Discover Mongolia's vast expanses
Who hasn't dreamed of being surrounded by Mongolia's infinite landscapes? Feel the sense of freedom as you gallop across the steppes, the wind in your hair. Virgin nature as far as the eye can see, with colours flashing by, in a land where silence rules. Although if you listen carefully, you'll realise it's not as quiet as all your ears and you'll hear nature at work. But most importantly, a trip here is a grounding experience, where being so close to nature can only benefit those of us who've lost touch with the simpler things in life.
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Why go to in Mongolia?

Go lose your bearings and discover the nomads or the Tsaatsan people during your trip to Mongolia ! However, avoid winter and its -40°C nights...

We recommend if...
  • You will love discovering new cultures (shamans, nomads...)
  • You're looking to immerse yourself in totally different and unfamiliar landscapes: the steppes, mountains, flocks...
  • You dream of going off to meet the last nomadic people living in yurts
  • You want to revitalise yourself and you're not afraid to challenge yourself
  • You dream of crossing the Gobi desert in a 4x4
  • You're looking for an extraordinary human experience, and wish to fall in love with the country upon leaving

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When to go in Mongolia?

The best time to go to Mongolia is between May and October, so as to avoid the bitter cold. However, avoid high summer if you're heading to the Gobi Desert, which gets scorching hot. It tends to rain between July and September but it doesn't downpour. Be warned that during the Nadaam in July and August, flights and hotels are quickly booked up, so reserve in advance!
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Prepare for your departure to in Mongolia
Mongolia is the perfect destination for those seeking a holiday like no other. Here are a few practical guidelines to help you when preparing for your journey.

What documents to travel to in Mongolia?

Starting on the 1st of January 2016, all Europeans will need a visa for their trip to Mongolia. Indeed, the Mongolian government has issued a note informing that the law allowing citizens from over 40 countries to travel a month in Mongolia without a visa would not be renewed.

As a consequence, you will need to submit a visa application at the Mongolian embassy, whatever the length of your stay!

Health advice

Medical facilities in the country are pretty basic, so you'll need to take out medical insurance which covers repatriation before your stay in Mongolia. For those who suffer from allergies and asthma, be aware that the capital of Mongolia has the highest level of atmospheric pollution in the world.

Before setting off, make sure your diphtheria/tetanus/polio and MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) vaccines are up to date. It's also recommended that you get vaccinated against typhoid fever, hepatitis A and B and TBE (tick-born encephalitis).

Don't drink the tap water there; go for bottled water. Make sure too that all your food is well cooked.

And finally, don't touch any animals you come across.


The official language is Mongol, but part of the population speaks Russian, and increasingly, young people speak English.

Time difference

Mongolia is divided into two time zones. The Western part of the country is 7 hours ahead of GMT (6 in summer, with BST), and the rest of the country is 8 hours ahead of GMT (7 in summer, with BST). So when it's 12:00 in London, it's 19:00 in Khovd and 20:00 at Oulan Bator.

Phone and internet connection

The dial code for Mongolia is 00976. For local phone calls, you can make phone calls at a reasonable price from the post office or the street telephone booths. For international phone calls, you can buy a sim card in a post office.

Outside of the cities, there isn't always internet access in Mongolia, so you may have difficulties getting online.


Plug sockets are the same in Mongolia as in Europe, so if you've got a European adaptor, that will do the trick.

The French embassy in Mongolia

3, Avenue de la Paix - Area 1 - District of Chingeltei PO Box 687
Oulan Bator

The Mongolian embassy in France

5, avenue Robert-Schuman
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

Police: 102

Fire brigade: 101

Emergency services: 103