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Shambala (Mongolia)

Practical information about Shambala

  • Place or Religious Monument
4 / 5 - One review
How to get there
1 hour from Sainshand by car
When to go
From May to August
Minimum stay
A few hours

Reviews of Shambala

Travel writer
27 travel articles

The sacred site of Shambala is situated in the Gobi desert. It is a pleasant cultural visit for those who are interested in religions and who wish to immerse themselves in a different world for a few hours.

My suggestion:
There is a ritual to follow! Inform yourself of what to do, or ask the locals about the gestures as well as their meanings: these memories will stay with you forever!
A visit to Shambala is an immersion in local culture. During your stay in Mongolia, make a stop at this site that is so steeped in history. Ask your hotel in Sainshand to find you a driver to guide you to the place (negotiate the price before starting). Entry to the site is free, except for the last part, where the ritual takes place: the price is the equivalent of £1.50. Go ahead!
You have to lie down on the ground to feel the sacred energy, sing near the statue, pick up the white stones, make a wish, and throw them on the pile of other stones!
The locals will be happy to guide you if you ask them.

There is also a path of pilgrimage (approximately 3 km) to walk to the sacred bell and then to the place of ritual. You have to ring the bell to announce your arrival. If the weather is bad, your driver can drop you off. To conclude this immersion, have a look at the 108 caves. 
The bell to ring to announce your arrival
The site of the ritual