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Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake

Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake (Mongolia)

Practical information about Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake

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4 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
Two to three hours from Tsetserleg by motorised vehicle
When to go
In summer/outside the main tourist season
Minimum stay
2 to 3 days

Reviews of Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake

Marc Sigala Travel writer
67 travel articles

White Lake (Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur), a large lake 61 km² in area and lying at an altitude of 2,000 metres, is one of the essential places to visit in the Arhangay region.

My suggestion:
The best way to get here is to come via Tseterleg., where you'll need to ask the help of the locals to find a jeep to bring you the rest of the way.

White Lake is located in a volcanic region, which gives it a very particular character and feel. I particularly enjoyed how peaceful the place was; and as it's a good site for camping, I ended up staying for several days. The are is very wild and untamed and lies surrounded by mountain peaks from where, if you're prepared to put in a bit of effort to get there, you can see the valleys and mountains extending into the distance beyond.

I really do recommend going to see the views at these vantage points as they count amongst the places at which you can get a real sense of just how empty, open and expansive this country is. Though there are a few yurts placed at the edge of the lake to take advantage of the presence of the water, you get the impression that the vast immensity beyond is empty of people.

A good place to visit to the east of the lake is the Khorgo volcano. You'll notice numerous stone cairns close by it. These were placed there by people in homage to the extinct volcano.

View over White Lake
Travel writer
14 travel articles

Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan is a stunning lake that was formed after the Khorgo Volcano erupted At 61km long and 2,060m high, it's situated in the Arkhangaï province.

My suggestion:
No matter what route you're following, if you do find yourself in Arkhangaï, you really should visit the lake...and remember to take along your fishing rods! 

Close to the shops at the entrance to the village, you'll find some unusual volcanic formations. You'll find groups of tourists camped around the lake, but there are, nonetheless, some stunning spots where you can pitch a tent... I didn't manage to get a fishing permit, but the local Mongolians welcomed me with open arms and told me not to let that bother me. It was here that I caught my first pike!

It was a sunny day, so I spent the morning fishing along the lake and then, as with most days, later got caught in a violent thunderstorm!! Growling thunder and lightening bolts turned the lake into a stormy sea. My habitual hidey-holes were the big Ovoo that overlooks the lake or taking shelter in nearby Mongolian houses. And then, as ever, the sun suddenly broke through the clouds...

I met some lovely people, filled my tummy with wild rhubarb that's often used in Mongolian cakes, watched pike swimming around the crystal waters with a young fisherman, climbed hills carpeted with multi-coloured flowers to admire the view and felt my hackles rise at the sound of wolves howling as I settled down for the night...

View over Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan during Spring