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Selenge River

Selenge River (Mongolia)

Practical information about Selenge River

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4 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
1 day by Jeep from Ulan Bator
When to go
In summer
Minimum stay
1 to 2 days

Reviews of Selenge River

Marc Sigala Travel writer
67 travel articles

The Selenga River is one of the most important in the country. Its mouth is in Mongolia and it crosses the aïmag (region) that bears the same name before reaching Russia's Lake Baïkal; it accounts for 50% of the country's freshwater sources.

My suggestion:
Check out the river's course and put it on your list - the Selenga River is a must during a trip to Mongolia.

The Selenga River flows across the north of Mongolia, covering 600km in total. After winding its way through vast plains and wooded steppe, it reaches the Russian border. Its source is 50km south of Mörön and its river basin is essential to local agricultural holdings. There's little cultivation in Mongolia, but you'll find developed farms and orchards along the Selenga Valley.

The river, which flows at an impressive rate, accounts for 30% of Mongolia's waterways. Plus it's a fishing paradise, home to salmon, sturgeon, carp, pike and taimen. Taking a trip to Lake Khövsgöl and the Amarbayasgalant Monastery are reason enough for cruising along the Selenga River. Its navigable from April to November.

Horses on the bank of the Selenga
Travel writer
14 travel articles

The Selenga is a confluent of the River Ider. It's mouth is in Mongolia's Khangaï Mountains and this majestic river forms a delta as it reaches Lake Baïkal in Russia. It flows along a staggering 1,470km!

My suggestion:
To the east, the Selenga Rivera passes through a multi-coloured landscape that boasts some stunning sunsets. I suggest you climb up one of hills that line the banks, to enjoy the beautiful panoramic view across the horizon.

Its banks are perfect for camping and it's a great spot for a swim. Sports lovers can get their paddles to the ready! It's best to go through a company that specialises in canoraft or rafting, for obvious safety reasons, and to choose an easy circuit so you can better enjoy the ride. If you head downstream along the Selenga River from the village of Selenge or Hyalganat, you'll hardly cross a soul - a uninhabited paradise awaits!

To the west, on the road that runs from Bulgan to Hutag-Ondor, we again crossed the Selenga, this time in a section that was aplenty with fish. Near to Hutag, you'll see a huge, well cultivated yet unattractive plain.

Accessible by car, I reckon that the Egg River, a stunning waterway whose mouth is in Lake Khövsgöl, and the Selenga are definately worth exploring during your time in Mongolia.

River Selenga by canoraft