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Brazil Travel Guide

5 reasons to travel to Brazil

So why choose Brazil for your vacation? The answer's easy: for its buzz, nature, history and Amazonian tribal culture. Despite social disparities, it's a melting pot that's culturally rich and complex, which makes it even more interesting.

  1. Brazil has stunning beaches...
  2. Watch a game of soccer and feel your adrenaline rush...
  3. A socially mixed country with great food and a fascinating cultural heritage...
  4. Visit the Lungs of the Earth: the Amazon...
  5. Life life to the full Brazilian-style...

Culture and Discovery

Stopped by the Rio de Janeiro

Stopped by the Rio de Janeiro

Before even setting foot there, everyone knows Rio de Janeiro its Concorvado, its Sugarloaf. However, nothing will prepare the amazement that will come with each moment. Magic..
Amélie Perraud-Boulard29 March 2018
Travel account
Discover Recife and its surroundings

Discover Recife and its surroundings

The fifth city of Brazil, situated in the north-east of the country, is generally forgotten by tourists. Despite a reputation that is sometimes a little rough, the city which unites large avenues, tall buildings and old colonial buildings, has something to charm you. In the surroundings, the city of Olinda and the beaches of Porto das Galinhas are much more popular among tourists.
Adeline Haverland22 November 2015
Travel account

Is this the destination for you?

It's a pleasure to explore a country that is as astonishing as much as it is huge! Each region of Brazil is like a country in itself. So, theoretically, there's something for everyone. Even so, here are some questions you may want to ask yourself, to help you decide if Brazil is your dream destination or not...

You should go if

  • Do you like to party and dance to music, as it blasts across streets and beaches?
  • Do you have a taste for the wild and a love of animals?
  • Do you enjoy vacations where you can go with the flow?
  • Would it bother you to leave your chic outfits behind and instead dress in clothes that camouflage you?
  • Do you dream of lying back in a hammock and breathing in stunning scenery?

You shouldn't go if

  • Do you hate insects and creepy crawlies of all sizes?
  • Do you only like vacations where everything organized from A-Z and runs to schedule?
  • Do you dislike rice and beans?
  • Are you only prepared to speak English?
  • Do you hate rum?
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