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A one week tour to Mexico is the perfect choice for anyone looking to get out of their comfort zone. Climb the ruins of the great Mayan civilisation or explore Mexico’s cities and towns. Taste some delicious food and drink before dancing the night away in a Latino dance club. Whether you want a relaxed holiday, a cultural immersion or a taste of adventure Mexico is the destination for your one week trip.

Best things to see and do for one week in Mexico

What to see in one week

The first thing on anyone’s list for a one week itinerary in Mexico should be a trip to see some of the many ancient Mayan sites that are scattered all over the country. Nowhere else can you see the Mayan culture preserved so perfectly, even after so many years and you’ll be able to wander through the ancient streets and imagine that you have travelled back in time to the age of the Maya. Visit Tulum to climb temples and pyramids to get some incredible views out over these archaeological sites. For more ancient sites visit Coba, Palenque and Chichen Itza and explore to your heart’s content. To see the natural beauty of Mexico at its finest, visit the Islas Marietas National Park where you can explore the uninhabited islands before going snorkelling, scuba diving or whale-watching. To see more natural beauty, a visit to Agua Azul should not be missed. These distinctive blue waterfalls attract visitors every day, who come to see the stunning waters glistening in the sun. To see some cultural attractions, why not visit the fascinating Frida Kahlo Museum, where you can visit her home and find out more about her life and works. The Cancún Underwater Museum is another quirky visit to be had on a one week tour of Mexico and will likely be an experience unlike any other. Visit this underwater modern sculpture museum on a glass-bottomed boat or scuba diving trip or take out a snorkel and float among the exhibits.

What to do in one week

Mexico’s sheer size means that there is an abundance of activities to be enjoyed no matter what kind of holiday you’re after. A trip should start with an exploration of Mexico City in all its glory. Visit sites such as Chapultepec Park, a stunning outdoor space with museums and zoos to visit or The National Museum of Anthropology; a world renowned museum with fascinating and interactive exhibits on the Mayans and so much more. If swimming and snorkelling are your thing, then Ik Kil should definitely make it on to your list of things to do during your week in Mexico. This cenote (lagoon) has hanging vines, moss-covered rocks, crystal blue waters and just about anything you could imagine for the most idyllic swim of your life. If you are looking for adventure then look no further - on a 7 day trip to Mexico you can enjoy hiking, biking, horse-riding and wildlife spotting at Copper Canyon, where all this adventure can be found in the same stunning spot. To relax after all these activities, head to Playacar where you will find white sandy beaches, bright blue waters, luxury resorts, spas and villas. Whatever you’re looking for during your week away, Mexico has it all.

Best time to travel to Mexico for a week

Since the country is so enormous, choosing when to go to Mexico can be difficult. Generally, the best to to visit is between December and April, since these are the driest months with virtually no rainfall. From May to October, the wet season covers most of the country at one time or another and can see huge amounts of rainfall that won’t be a deal breaker for your trip but may mean that you need to plan excursions more carefully. The coolest months are between December and February, with some people choosing to visit during the Christmas period. The busiest season is undoubtedly during the dry, spring months meaning that, should you choose to visit during this period, you may encounter more crowds. Try to book a little in advance if you are planning on travelling at this time, so as to avoid disappointment due to lack of availability in accommodation.

When to go in Mexico?

The best time to visit Mexico is during the dry season, from November to April. Between June and October the rains are frequent, short-lived and won't stop you from enjoying most regions. May is dry but really hot - not the best time of year to visit. You'll find that the climate varies according to altitude. Winters are cold and days short in mountainous regions, whilst the southern lowlands are hot all year round. Overall, if you're planning a trip to this Mayan homeland, choose the dry, pleasantly warm periods.
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