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Mexico’s white sandy beaches and turquoise waters may make it sound like the perfect honeymoon getaway, but it also has so much to offer families, no matter their age or what type of tour they’re after. If delicious food, warm culture, fascinating history, and incredible nature sound like your family’s idea of a great trip then pack your bags and set off on a tailor-made tour in Mexico! This country has it all, from pristine coastlines, to picturesque cities, to colonial towns and Mayan ruins. In Mexico, no matter what you decide to do, you will get a sense of the Mexican way of life and the atmosphere here, which is truly unlike anywhere else.

Best things to see and do in Mexico with kids

Mexico has so many choices of family friendly accommodation and activities that you won’t know what to do first. To help you plan your family trip, here are a few ideas of things not to miss with your family on your visit to Mexico. While enjoying the pristine beaches, crystal waters, coral gardens and colourful fish of Cancun, you can also enjoy a trip to All Ritmo Waterpark, an all round favourite that will keep children entertained for hours. Swim with dolphins in an interactive aquarium before visiting a market to pick up some souvenirs or delicious local food. Though much more touristy, Cancun has a lot to offer families, especially those with younger children, who will be entertained all day by the many water parks, kids clubs and pools. Crococun, a crocodile breeding centre, is also a great choice for nature loving families where you’ll be able to learn all about and even get close to, the incredible reptiles. Just a short ride from Cancun lies the beautiful Isla Mujeres which is great for families with younger children who can play in the shallows, or for older children and teenagers, who can enjoy activities such as jet skiing. Isla Mujeres boasts stunning beaches which you can navigate by golf cart (the transport of choice of most locals here). Older kids can go paddle boarding while the rest of the family enjoys the sun. 

A visit to Tulum is the perfect way to introduce kids to the incredible history of Mexico in a fun and adventurous environment. Climb the tiered ruins at Tulum and explore an abandoned city, making incredible memories together and feeling like a family of true explorers. You can also take your little ones on a  bike ride to the temples and feel like explorers as you wander through the well-preserved structures. Tulum's ruins are the perfect place for children to run, jump, climb and explore, while parents and older children can enjoy the fascinating history here. Mexico City’s many parks, museums, monuments and attractions are perfect for keeping a family entertained and you can intersperse visits to these attractions with time for relaxing in the sun in one of the city’s beautiful parks or squares where you can enjoy a drink and some delicious local food before continuing the adventure. For more authentic Mexican charm, head to Mazatlan, where you will find a quirky town with fewer tourists and a relaxed atmosphere. Wherever you go in Mexico you’ll find something for everyone.

Best time to visit Mexico as a family

Mexico’s size means that it has a whole range of weather zones which mean that you can always find somewhere to suit your needs. At sea-level the weather stays warm year round, making perfect beach weather no matter when you visit. At higher altitudes, you can expect to find colder temperatures at night and during the winter and so you should prepare for this when packing to ensure that the whole family stays comfortable and happy. Central and Southern Mexico get a rainy season during high summer but Northern Mexico very rarely sees any showers. Generally speaking, June to September can become humid with occasionally scorching temperatures that can be difficult. Visit from October to May for the most comfortable trip. 

Family holiday tips for travelling to Mexico

With a little research and knowledge you can ensure that you are as prepared as possible for your family trip to Mexico, here a few tips and tricks to ensure that everything runs smoothly on your holiday.

  • Pack light. In Mexico there is no need to pack a huge amount of toiletries, food or similar items since all of this can be purchased in a local supermarket upon your arrival. For very young children and babies you can buy nappies, wet wipes or anything else you may need on arrival, so only bring a small amount to last until you touch down. Make use of washing facilities in hotels which often cost a small fee but are well worth it to save you lugging around huge bags containing you and your family’s entire wardrobe.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas where pickpockets are rife. Keep cash and any important documents in a safe a hidden place.
  • As with any visit to a foreign country, check with your GP before leaving whether there are any vaccinations or medicines that you need to get. Bring along plenty of mosquito spray too, to avoid the annoyance of itchy bug bites throughout your trip.
  • Make sure that you have all the right documentation for entering and leaving the country, since this can vary depending on where you are from. It's worth checking online before planning your trip.

When to go in Mexico?

The best time to visit Mexico is during the dry season, from November to April. Between June and October the rains are frequent, short-lived and won't stop you from enjoying most regions. May is dry but really hot - not the best time of year to visit. You'll find that the climate varies according to altitude. Winters are cold and days short in mountainous regions, whilst the southern lowlands are hot all year round. Overall, if you're planning a trip to this Mayan homeland, choose the dry, pleasantly warm periods.
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