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Mexico Travel Guide

Best places to visit in Mexico

From days spent exploring beaches and lagoons to a cultural road trip that introduces Mexico’s unique and varied culture, Evaneos travelers and agents have put together this list of destinations to help you design the perfect trip. Explore the places that other Evaneos travelers have visited below, and pick out experiences like wandering the temple ruins of “The Valley of the Gods” or eating in Spanish colonial mansions throughout the Yucatan before sending your request for a quote!

The country's Caribbean region is home to one of the modern seven wonders of the world: Chichen Itza. The same region is also home to Tulum , which are the only ruins that stand looking out to sea.

The central region also has its archaeological attractions, namely Teotihuacán and Tula in the state of Hidalgo. The country's capital, the immense Mexico City, has much to offer in the way of cultural attractions, cuisine, and accommodation. There are also some veritable treasures of the country's past to be found at places such as the city of Ameca and the magnificent state of Puebla.

If it's beaches you dream of, the first places that spring to mind are probably the Caribbean coast and the Yucatán Peninsula. But the Pacific coast also has clean, quiet beaches to offer, with wonderful waves and fewer tourists. Northern Mexico has a desert-like ecosystem, providing a home for cacti and the arid vegetation of the region's beautiful beaches, from which it is possible to observe whales arriving during January and February.

And finally there is the Central Western region, where the country's second largest metropolitan area is located, Guadalajara; which, though not one of the essential places to visit, does have a certain charm to offer due to its historical past and architecture, its cultural attractions and the national events it plays host to.

A journey to Mexico is a delightful experience, like a happy melody, a veritable explosion of joy and laughter. In short, it is a voyage everyone should make at least once in their lifetime. The reviews provided by travellers of the Evaneos community are guaranteed to convince you!