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Japan Travel Guide

7 reasons to travel to Japan

Japan can scare off some travellers because of the cultural differences and the language barrier. However, what makes travelling there so rewarding is that each discovery, visit, encounter or experience is wonderful and unique.

  • 1.
    Let yourself be surprised by the Japanese culture.
  • 2.
    Discover that Japanese gastronomy is so much more than sushi.
  • 3.
    Meeting welcoming people
  • 4.
    Experience things you never would in Europe
  • 5.
    Explore landscapes which change with the seasons
  • 6.
    Leap into the future… and into the past!
  • 7.
    See Japanese cherry blossoms.

Travel ideas

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Places of interest

Is this the destination for you?

Going to Japan, is like going into the unknown, venturing out in search of something totally different. The Land of the Rising Sun is a country like no other.

You should go if

  • Everything is totally different. Japan is a country hovering between tradition and modernity, where in just a few minutes, you can go from the bustle of a manic town centre to the calm of a zen garden, from a backdrop straight out of a science fiction film to becoming one with nature.
  • You will discover the wonderful richness of a cuisine that you will long for once you return home Just sushi, skewers and sashimi? Not at all, Japanese cuisine has so much more to offer!
  • You will be immersed in a totally different culture from your own: between manga and karaoke, discretion and eccentricity, you will have a wealth of wonderful experiences.
  • You can be like Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation and set off in search of serenity and peace in the tranquil Japanese gardens, which are even more beautiful in spring when the Japanese cherry blossoms are in bloom.

You shouldn't go if

  • Even if you may be claustrophic and unable to bear such incredibly dense urban population centres, by leaving the cities behind you'll be missing out on something.
  • On a budget? Contrary to popular belief, food is really not that expensive, but plane tickets, transport and accommodation are not cheap.
  • If you do not have much time, you may want to choose another destination given the time spent in the air to get to Japan, the time required to get over the jet lag, the cost of the plane ticket and your carbon footprint. Of course, the extent of the rich cultural heritage of Japan also mean that it would be a real shame to spend less than a fortnight.
  • Are you afraid of losing your bearings? Japan will turn you upside down!

Culture and Discovery

Kyoto, the essence of traditional Japanese culture

Things to do in Kyotoa, in our opinion Japan's most beautiful city. A city of traditional culture, Kyoto has many secrets to reveal. Let's head off to explore it!...
Olivier Ruel28 March 2018
Travel account

Nara, kingdom of the deer

Discover and experience Japan's deer, whose little paradise on earth is to be found in the city of Nara. From tradition to modernity: learning and exploring.
Olivier Ruel12 May 2016
Travel account

The geishas - a particularity of Japanese culture

It's difficult not to conjure up images of geishas - or geikos - when you mention Japan. But what mysteries surround them? Who are the geishas? Where can you meet them?...
Camille Veillard11 May 2016
Travel account

A Foodie's Guide to Osaka

After all, it's everyone's dream to do a tour of restaurants throughout Japan! The country's cuisine fully lives up to its reputation. So head off and discover it at Osak...
Olivier Ruel2 May 2017
Travel account

Hiroshima and its region: between shrine and memorial

Hiroshima and the neighbouring island of Miyajima are both world famous but for very different reasons: one for the atomic bomb and its atrocities, and the other for its ...
Marielle Awad28 March 2018
Travel account

Top 10 places to visit in Japan

Japan has numerous hidden treasures. Here are my top 10 most beautiful places to visit, but also the most interesting.
Olivier Ruel28 March 2018
Travel account
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