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A one week visit to Japan is the perfect chance to immerse yourself in a unique culture and explore in a beautiful setting. Visit Japan's cities and see bustling local life whilst enjoying the incredible museums, monuments, activities and attractions. Head off the beaten track to see amazing places such as Mount Fuji as you go on a road trip, cycling tour or even a hiking tour. The choices here are endless.

Best things to see and do for one week in Japan

What to see in one week

Japan has so much to see and a great place to start is by visiting sites of historical and cultural significance to get a sense of the Japanese lifestyle. Japan’s temples are the perfect mixture between culture and history and can be found everywhere, each one being totally unique and unlike the last. Start in Kyoto, Japan’s old capital to see temples and Shinto shrines galore, as well as to visit the old geisha district to see some of the cities most beautiful buildings. Now that you are adjusted to the pace of a Japanese city, head on to Tokyo, where the pace is quicker and life is never boring. Visit the Meiji Shinto Shrine and the Imperial Palace to appreciate the contrast of these ancient structures and the towering modern skyscrapers that make up so much of the city.

What to do in one week

Many visitors come here wanting to see the amazing wildlife. Monkeys, flying squirrels, bears and so much more can be seen in the wild. Visit a national park to see these incredible animals going about their lives and learn about their species. Japan is also home to several zoos and wildlife centres where you can see a huge range of animals too. To feel as though you are totally at one with the natural surroundings, head to Hakone where you can enjoy hot springs on the shores of Lake Ashi as well as views of Mount Fuji. For the best Japanese food around, visit Nara, where the restaurant scene is developing rapidly into Japan’s finest. While you’re here you can also visit sites such as the Todaiji Temple, famous for its 15 metre high bronze Buddha statue. You can also see a whole range of other period temples which make for excellent sightseeing.

Best time to travel to Japan for a week

Japan is a year round destination and when you decide is the best time to visit will depend on what you plan on doing and where you plan on visiting on your one week itinerary. The springtime is the busiest time to visit for one week in Japan, since this is when festivals such as the celebration of the cherry blossom happen and people often choose to organise their trip to coincide with this period. In the winter, parts of Japan can become extremely cold but don’t let this put you off, because this is also when the country is at its most beautiful, with snow-capped hills and mountains on the horizon. The summer is also a great time to visit, although availability for accommodation and pre-booked activities in some areas may be slightly reduced. Whenever you decide to go, you will want to come back as soon as your 7 days in Japan are over.

When to go in Japan?


The best season to visit Japan is the spring: the weather is glorious and the cherry trees are in blossom. You can also go in the autumn when the colours are just as beautiful. But is it always better to go mid-season to explore the country. In fact, winter can be very cold, whilst summer is often very hot with heavy rain.

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