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Holidays in Albania

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North Albania and Kosovo by Land Rover
Approx. 8 daysFrom£1,190
Grand Tour, from North to South
Approx. 13 daysFrom£910
Nature and Tradition in the Albanian Alps
Approx. 8 daysFrom£630
Classic Tour
Approx. 8 daysFrom£880
Approx. 5 daysFrom£600
The South, Guided in Land Rover
Approx. 8 daysFrom£1,190
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What to see and do in Albania

With more than 300 kilometres of coast, a third of the land covered by forests and three quarters mountainous, Albania enjoys a tempting geographical diversity. Add to that a historical and cultural heritage that is extremely rich, not to mention buzzing towns, and you will realise that Albania has lots to offer all types of travellers. The capital, Tirana, has been refreshed and although you may not wish to stay there for long, the lively Ex-bloc district, the contemporary orthodox and Catholic cathedrals, the Ethem Bay mosque and the impressive history museum are, however, worth the detour. At one hour to the north, the lively Krujë bazaar is not without interest. To the east, the huge lakes of Prespa and Ohrid, shared with Greece and Macedonia respectively, and the north of the country with the Albanian Alps, attract trekkers in search of wide-open spaces. Lovers of beautiful beaches won’t miss the opportunity to make a detour around the Albanian Riviera. Starting off at Vlorë and stretching to the Greek border to the south, this coast, which lies opposite to Corfu, is filled with sunny creeks and craggy cliffs. Unmissable, the Llagara col offers a magnificent panorama of the coast. Join Dhermi by the sinuous route for sampling a seafood platter with unbeatable freshness. End your coastal excursion through the little villages of Qepar, perched on a small hill that dominates the Ionian Sea or the tiny cove of Jali that reflects the turquoise blue of the sea. Prepare your Albanian itinerary with your local agent.

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