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Of all the countries in the Mediterranean basin , Greece is without doubt the one which has the most tourists ... and for good reason! There aren't many places in the world where the culture, the history, the welcome and the beauty, come together in such perfect harmony. Taking a trip to Greece is first about taking a trip in time and walking in the steps of one of the most brilliant civilisations of antiquity : Athens, Olympia, Delphi and Mycenae are place where the magnificent ruins are witness to a heritage that is still living today. Travelling in Greece, is also a chance to enjoy a very special climate, warm and dry, which is ideal for long swims in the paradisiacal water of the Aegean sea or precious time to relax on hidden beaches in small coves in the Cyclades.A trip to Greece , is also about the pleasure of exploring an ancient cuisine where vine leaves, olive oil and Raki will make you sigh with pleasure. Why wait any longer: Ελλάδα σας περιμένει!

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Guide to travelling in Greece

Preparing a trip to the land of the Hellenes isn't necessarily very complicated. However, you need to know some essential information and bear in mind certain aspects of the country before you go. To help you and make your research easier, and all its team have created a little practical guide to tell you all you need to know about Greece! In it you can find a guide to accommodation, and different itinerary ideas (via the Cyclades, Charm and Luxury, History) as well as useful information about the best period in the year to go there and how to get there …'s guide is the best tool you can have to help you plan and carry out your project !

When to go in Greece?

The best time to go to Greece is the mid-season: the climate is indeed very pleasant in spring and autumn, with hot temperatures and beaches that are not too jam-packed. If you are not averse to crowds, then you can also go in summer, however, avoid going in winter as most of the tourist attractions are shut.
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Traveller reviews of their trip to Greece

510 reviews
We arrived at Athens, then traveled to Mykonos, followed by Santorini. All planning was exceptional. Pick ups at airports, port, travel arrangements to and from..... all were exceptional. Bags carried, escorts to rooms, no small details were missed!!! Our agent was available at all times! Perfect vacation! Great travel agent!!! Thank you!
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Greece Honeymoon!
Greece was Amazing! Postcard beautiful. Mostly everyone spoke english which made things really easy for us. Food was delicious, people were nice, weather was still beautiful late Sept. We had the best Honeymoon. HUGE thanks to ****for his patience, expert attention to details. You provided us with the best experience and a trip we will never forget!
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