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What to do in Albania?

In 1810, Lord Byron wrote of the beauty of Albania: ‘Morn dawns: and with it stern Albania's hills. Robed half in mist, bedewed with snowy rills.’ Today, this small Balkan paradise, referred to by Albanians as 'Shqipëri,' remains one of Europe's most picturesque yet overlooked countries to visit. Price-wise it’s the ideal destination for the budget-conscious, and thanks to its unique combination of crowd-free beaches, dramatic hiking trails, child-friendly activities, and spectacular historical ruins, a holiday in Albania is guaranteed to please pretty much every outdoorsy type of traveller. Best of all, for those looking to escape the stress of everyday life without having to travel too far, Albania’s convenient European location on the Balkan Peninsula, nestled between Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Greece, makes it only a short flight away. 

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When to go in Albania?

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In between Greece and Italy, you’ll find a stunning country with so much to offer families who are looking for a new holiday destination this year. Albania’s beautiful, diverse landscapes feature rolling hills, winding coast-lines, rugged mountains and quirky towns and cities. Not only does all this make it a perfect place to visit for any traveller, it all adds up to an incredible family destination for children and teenagers. What’s more, as a slightly more off-the-beaten-track family destination, you’ll be able to escape the crowds that flock to more traditional European getaway spots on a tailor-made tour to Albania.

Best things to see and do in Albania with kids

Albania’s beaches are a must-see on a summer visit here. You can enjoy the Grecian looking beaches, stretches of beautiful coastlines and quirky seaside towns, full of child-friendly accommodation overlooking the water. Visit Saranda to enjoy historical sites and beautiful lakes, or Dhermi’s famous pirate’s cave, or travel to Albania’s border with Montenegro to see the beautiful monuments there, such as the Shkodra, to get in your slice of culture. Further inland, you can also find the Valbona Valley, which are often compared to the Norwegian Fjords and enjoy a picnic, a stroll, a swim or even stay in a local guesthouse here and get to know the local people. For city exploration, why not wander the old cobbled streets of Kruja, which are perfect for finding family souvenirs and tasty food. For smaller scale sightseeing, head to the small town of Voskopoja, where you can find orthodox churches and beautiful buildings, with ornate insides that you can marvel at for hours. Families interested in history can visit Butrint, an ancient Greek city where you can pretend to be Greek warriors as you uncover fascinating remains of the Ancient Greek culture. Discover these sites and many many more on your family adventure to Albania.

With lakes and beaches galore, if there's one thing Albania does fantastically well, it's water sports. During the summer and you’ll be able to swim and play in the warm sands of incredible beaches, such as Dhermi Beach, where you will feel as though you have escapes to a tropical island. For older kids, stand-up paddling is a great activity and there are no shortage of amazing shores to set out from. Albania is full of quirky towns and you and your family will love discovering the tasty food and excellent accommodation here, which is remarkably inexpensive compared to other European destinations, meaning you’ll be able to save some money to enjoy more activities as a family!

Best time to visit Albania as a family

The best time to visit Albania with your family is during the shoulder seasons, meaning that you’ll avoid any crowds or extremes of temperature, both of which can be stressful when travelling with kids. Visit during the April to June period for pleasantly warm temperatures, perfect for relaxing on one of Albania’s beautiful beaches, or between September and October to explore all of the country’s interesting cities and quirky towns or to take part in sporty activities with kids.

Family holiday tips for travelling to Albania

Albania is a beautiful and welcoming country and you and your family are sure to cherish your time here. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure that everything runs smoothly on your trip.

  • Be aware that public transport schedules are not set in stone. If you do choose to take public transport during your time in Albania, do not expect the arrival and departure times to be regular or to stick to the set timetable.
  • It can be helpful to learn a few key words and phrases should you find yourself in a situation in which no one speaks English. There is only so much that hand gestures can convey, after all, and you would be surprised how far just a few well chosen words can get you. Not to mention, people will always appreciate being greeted in their own language. A top tip - In Albania, a shake of the head, unlike in most other countries, means ‘yes’ and a nod means ‘no’.
  • Albania is very affordable. This is especially incredible when you consider that the beaches here have been closely compared to the famous beaches of the Amalfi Coast, which is much, much more expensive. Make the most of the cheap prices and treat yourself and your family to a delicious meal or an unforgettable family experience.
  • Lastly, Albanians are extremely welcoming and friendly and you and your children may well be offered food or drink. It is considered good manners to accept, as well as to offer to share anything you may have in return.

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