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Albania is a truly unique destination and it is one that is on the rise. Its amazing beaches, fascinating towns and cities and rich history and culture make it an unmissable destination for a week long trip. This hidden gem is too beautiful to stay hidden for long. Visit now to enjoy empty beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see or tiny coves that will make you feel as though you’re the only visitor for miles. Explore the country’s cities to taste delicious food and drink and enjoy local music, art and culture as well as meeting the friendly locals during your trip here.

Best things to see and do for one week in Albania

What to see in one week

Albania has so much to see no matter whereabouts in the country you visit, with sites providing the perfect mixture between breathtaking nature and fascinating history. Start by taking in the natural highlights of the Albanian countryside with a trip to a National Park. Butrint National Park is just one amazing choice, with over 9,424 hectares of rugged terrain to explore, freshwater lakes, salt marshes and even tiny islands to discover in the larger lakes, this Park is a must-see during your week in Albania. Llogara National Park should also make it onto your list. Located in an area known as the Albanian Riviera and filled with alpine fields, dense forests, jaw dropping cliffs and rock faces and beautiful mountainscapes, this location is sure to be a highlight of the trip.

To see Albania at its most beautiful, visit an area known as The Blue Eye where crystal clear waters form pools that spring from the ground, making the most idyllic swimming spot around. For the ultimate relaxing experience, visit Benja Hot Springs and bathe in the warm mineral waters that can be found in the gorge here. Why not camp nearby to enjoy the outdoors as you’ve never experienced it before? Albania’s rich history also means that the country is dotted with beautiful castles and constructions, such as the Et'hem Bey Mosque, located in the capital city of Tirana. Razaja Castle or Kriye Castle are just two great choices for those wanting to immerse themselves in the legend and folklore of ancient Albania.

What to do in one week

One week in Albania is enough time to enjoy an action packed itinerary that explores the major sites around the country. Active travellers and adventure seekers are sure to love this beautiful destination with so many amazing experiences to be had. Visit Dajti to explore the Skanderbeg Mountain Range and hike through waterfalls, canyons and caves, with views of the snow-capped peaks. To continue your exploration, visit the Islands of Ksamil in the Ionian sea where you will be met with turquoise waters and wooden jetties. Take a boat trip or simply swim in the warm waters as you discover the coast. Head back into civilisation as you visit Tirana, the country’s capital, and enjoy cocktails in the rotating Sky Tower Bar, giving you unbeatable views over the city. Visit Beral, known as the city of a thousand windows and wander the quirky streets, discovering hidden gems along the way. Taste delicious local delicacies such as Burek, a pastry filled with meat, cheese or spinach. For history and culture, Albania’s museums are a must-see and the National Museum of History is a great way to learn about this nation’s past. Alternatively, why not visit the art museum Bunk’Art in Tirana? This unusual space is a cold war bunker that has been converted into a contemporary art museum.

Best time to travel to Albania for a week

The months between April and June and September and October are generally considered to be the best times to visit Albania, since the shoulder seasons avoid any crowds and make the most of perfect weather, without scorching temperatures or winter cold. Much like a lot of Europe, Albania is considered to be a year-round destination, meaning that no matter when you decide to visit, you’re sure to have an unforgettable 7 day trip. Pinning down a time to visit will depend on your own preferences, availability and plans for your trip.

When to go in Albania?


The best time of year to visit Albania is during mid-season, particularly in May and September. Temperatures are higher in August and tourism is at its peak, but you can travel then all the same if you reserve in advance. Although it snows for several months of the year in the mountains, temperatures are generally very comfortable in Albania, and rarely fall past zero in winter.

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