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The 5 reasons to go to in Mauritius

The island of Mauritius is the destination of dreams: it is a natural paradise, surrounded a crystal-clear lagoon which is home to coral reef and various fish in their vibrant colours. Here are five reasons why you should definitely travel to Mauritius.
  1. 1
    Dive in the Indian ocean
  2. 2
    Up close with dolphins
  3. 3
    Head out on a hike
  4. 4
    Discover the imposing landscapes
  5. 5
    Interact with the welcoming population
1. Dive in the Indian ocean
Underwater diving is one of the island's main attractions. The Mauritian coast offers endless opportunities for diving, each seeming more stunning than the last. A delightful diving location on the North coast of Mauritius, the Trou aux Biches is home to so many vibrantly-coloured fish that it resembles an aquarium. On the South Coast, Blue Bay Marine Park stands out because of its beautiful coral garden. Here, the corals each have their own individual form, ranging from mushrooms and lettuce to bouquets of flowers. This is a truly marvellous mosaic of nature, surrounded by unusual fish including sunfish and trumpet fish – not to mention the barracudas!
2. Up close with dolphins
The ocean around Mauritius offers so many special encounters. If you want to go dolphin watching, the coast at Tamarin (on the western side of the island) is the ideal spot. The dolphins live in pods in the bay: if you want to see them, you would be best advised to leave early in the morning when there are fewer boats about. Only then will you have the chance to see dolphins at their best: it's a show certainly worth experiencing during your trip to Mauritius. And during your trip to the sea, you might want to consider an underwater walk. You'll learn to walk underwater (with a diving suit, of course!) and be able to touch the fish with your fingertips!
3. Head out on a hike
For a change of scenery from the coast, those who love adventure also love hiking in Mauritius, whether in the mountains or rainforest – depending on what you prefer. On the island's east coast, Bras d'Eau Reserve is a perfect example. Here, you'll find a wild forest with an area of 432 hectares. This is a beautiful, native forest full of olive wood and timber, where the ebony is surrounded by exotic species planted by man such as eucalyptus and araucarias. Bird enthusiasts will appreciate the flycatchers: the true star of the Bras d'Eau Reserve. The flycatcher is a very rare bird, recognisable by its red wings.
4. Discover the imposing landscapes
Mauritius has one of the world's most stunning landscapes featuring coral reef, a transparent lagoon, idyllic beaches, mountain peaks and sheer volcanos. The Trou aux Cerfs (Central Plateau), also known as Murr's Volcano, is the location of the crater of a dormant volcano. At 85 metres deep and 200 metres wide, it is truly colossal. This location offers stunning views over the island's west coast and Central Plateau, surrounded by lush greenery. Le Souffleur (south coast) offers another incomparable view of the wild cliffs of the south coast. Be aware of the wind – it can be quite strong!
5. Interact with the welcoming population
Mauritians are very friendly towards tourists. You will always be able to meet a local at the beach or over a dish of samosas (a fried dish with a meat or vegetable filling) or chilli cakes (fried dumplings with chilli). They will freely talk to you about life on the island, as well as the island's passion and truly its national sport: horse racing. Of course, you will also find somebody to talk to about football, particularly Liverpool and Manchester United... You will also get to know the island's rich cultural tapestry, with Hindu, Catholic, Muslim, Chinese and Creole influences. This is most plain to see in the local cuisine.
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Why go to in Mauritius?

To visit the island of Mauritius, is to visit a true little paradise. We'll give you all our recommendations in this article, then you can decide if this destination is made for you, or not.
We recommend if...
  • You love beaches, beaches and even more beaches!
  • You swear by the sun and lazing around! A guaranteed suntan.
  • You dream of meeting dolphins in Mauritius.
  • You love luxurious flora and you aren't afraid of venturing into the heart of the jungle.
  • You haven't slept since you discovered the existence of chilli cakes.
  • You're fascinated by Mauritian fauna and you've only one desire: to be there for the giant tortoises' laying season!

When to go in Mauritius?

There's no bad time to set off on your travels to Mauritius: it boasts a spectacular climate throughout the year! It is advisable to avoid visiting at the end of the year (between November and December), as the island gets very busy.
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What to see in Mauritius?

Top places to discover.

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