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Salaam alaikoum! When we think of Morocco, it is the buzzing and colourful souks, filled with the scent of exotic spices that spring to mind. We conjure up images of magnificent palaces, lush gardens and white, sandy beaches that stretch far into the horizon. But there is more to Morocco; a depth that goes beyond its beauty and colour. There is its soul, a heart that beats not only in the bazaars but also across its lands, all there for you to discover as you immerse yourself in the daily lives of its people. By meeting these people and by enjoying their hospitality during your stay, you will see Morocco and its inhabitants unveil the hidden treasures that lie at the core of their culture. From its four royal cities to the misty ramparts of Essaouira, from hiking and trekking across the countryside (be it in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains or on a camel’s back in the Sahara), wonders await you, no matter what your choice of holiday may be.

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Guide to travelling in Morocco

Morocco has so much to offer any visitor, no matter whether they’re interested in culture, food, adventure or relaxation. Explore the winding streets of Marrakech and the ancient palaces and gardens that are scattered within its walls. Enjoy a traditional meal of tagine and mint tea from a rooftop garden, looking out over the city. Travel into the breathtaking desert and watch the sunset over the highest dunes in the world. Why not give camel riding a go while you’re here? For more active travellers, Morocco’s various mountains offer hiking and trekking for all levels and with stunning views, these will be hikes that you’ll remember for years to come. Have dinner with a local family and learn about everyday Moroccan life, immersing yourself in a truly authentic Moroccan adventure.

Why go to Morocco with a local travel agent?

Firstly, local travel agents know the destination better than anyone else. This means that they can offer the best advice or recommendations, as well as share the local culture, traditions, and knowledge with travellers. They are also committed to providing 24/7 on-site assistance and support from the smallest request to an emergency, where having someone who knows the country, customs and language is invaluable.

The tailor-made itinerary that local agents design specifically for each booking is an incredible service that is not complete until you are entirely satisfied with the trip that has been designed for you, all at a competitive price.

On top of this, there’s the added value of booking through a local travel agent, as opposed to booking by yourself, online, since you will have access, not only to local knowledge of hidden gems and secret spots but all the connections of the agent with various hotels, restaurants and sites. All of this means you will get a totally unique experience, which most visitors to Morocco won’t have the opportunity to experience. All of our guarantee, ABTA protection and commitment to the travellers’ satisfaction make this added value even higher.

What are the most common things to do in Morocco?

There is such a vast range of interesting things to do in Morocco; from history, culture, to sightseeing and adventure. In 10 days, travellers can discover a diverse and fascinating country.

  • A visit to the Sahara is unmissable and this alien will blow you away.
  • Chefchaouen, in the north, is known as the ‘blue city of Morocco’, where you can enjoy beautiful architecture, all coloured with a striking, deep blue.
  • For history-lovers, the cities of Fez and Marrakech showcase the real history and culture of Morocco, dating back thousands of years. Stroll through ancient palaces and gardens and enjoy the intricate Islamic architecture and decoration.
  • Adventurous travellers will love visiting the Atlas Mountains, which are accessible for all travellers, no matter your level of fitness or age.
  • UK travellers always enjoy the surfing activities on offer in Morocco, especially in Taghazout. This beautiful area is a hotspot for UK surfers looking to enjoy warmer waters than they’re used to back home. Taghazout and the surrounding areas are also well-known for yoga, meditation and wellness retreats.

When is the best time of the year to go to Morocco?

The best time of the year to come is from March until the beginning of May. This is Moroccan springtime and the weather is a perfect middle-ground between hot summer and cooler winter temperatures. September and October are also great times to travel to Morocco, since the weather is still very hot, yet there are fewer tourists. Travelling during the winter means that you may encounter fairly cold temperatures in places such as the Atlas Mountains or the Sahara.

What is the most unique off the beaten track experience in Morocco?

Both Merzouga and Zagora are located deep in the Sahara desert, and offer visitors the chance to stay overnight in the desert, under the incredibly clear night sky and desert stars. Travelling into the Atlas Mountains is also an off-the-beaten-track experience that you won’t forget. Visit the highest peak in North Africa; Toubkal or the Rif mountains and look out over Morocco.

Even in the major cities, there are so many hidden treasures and experiences to find within the winding streets or old parts of town that you can spend a whole day in Marrakech and only experience off the beaten track sites. Morocco’s geography means that wherever you are, even if you are in the centre of Marrakech, you need only travel one or two hours to be in a small village, eating traditional food with a local family and enjoy the peace and quiet of the natural surroundings.

Is Morocco safe to travel to? What are the do’s and don'ts?

While Morocco is very safe compared to some other North African countries, it is important to take some general measures of common sense, as with any trip. If you are visiting particularly rural areas, having a driver is recommended, since these areas are not well connected with public transport, and, for the small price of getting a driver, you can guarantee that you won’t get stuck in a rural area overnight. In these rural areas, women should take precautions when walking at night and try not to walk alone.

In populated areas, such as Marrakech, the streets are totally safe; just watch out for the occasional pick-pocket. It is also advisable to dress conservatively, especially if you plan on visiting any religious monuments or local villages in the mountains. Avoid drinking any alcohol in public, since this goes against local belief and culture and will attract negative attention. You should also be aware that if you take any photographs of government buildings, you may be asked to delete them (somewhat aggressively) by the soldiers who guard these buildings. On the whole, Morocco is a very easy country to travel, with few visitors encountering any problems.

Where are the most beautiful and best beaches in Morocco?

Agadir is undoubtedly the best place to visit for incredible hidden beaches. These are secluded, however, and any travellers who visit these will probably need a driver to take them. Drive along the long coast from Agadir to Taghazout and all the way to Imsouane. Along this route you’ll find unlimited beaches, each more beautiful than the last and perfect for families since the beaches are sheltered and free of large waves. Tangier, Saïdia and Rabat are also stunning choices, although the waves here can be large at times. Essaouira offers a combination of relaxation, sea and activities, as well as being steeped in rich medina history.

What is Moroccan food known for?

Moroccan food is incredibly diverse, offering a mixture of Arabic, Berber and Mediterranean influences. Everything is made with fresh, local ingredients and is packed full of flavour, no matter what dish you try. Vegetarians will also be happy to discover that there are plenty of choices for them, something which you don’t often find in other African countries.

Where are the best routes for trekking in Morocco?

Morocco has so many trekking areas to choose from, with the best being located in the peaks of the Atlas Mountains. This area is accessible to many levels and ages, meaning there’s something for everyone in this beautiful area. Experienced hikers will love a trip to Toubkal; the highest peak in North Africa. Moreover, the Atlas Mountains are only one hour away from Marrakech, meaning its easy to go for any period of time; from a day trip to several days.

Treat yourself after a long hike, at a delicious lunch with a local family as you hear stories about life here. Hiking and trekking are very popular in Morocco, this is perhaps due to the beautiful scenery, the range of mountains or the generally perfect weather.

Where can I find the best desert tours in Morocco?

After arriving in either Casablanca or in Marrakech, travellers will continue the journey on to Merzouga. This beautiful area has higher dunes than some of the more visited parts of the desert and it is by far more accessible. Spend the night in a Berber camp in the middle of the desert and enjoy delicious campfire food and amazing music. Reach this camp by camel, quad bike or 4x4 and see the amazing sunset or sunrise that will be unlike anything you’ve seen before. Have a picnic by an oasis before heading back towards civilisation. If you are planning a desert tour, make sure that you plan enough time to see Morocco, since a trip to the desert can take several days.

What are the most scenic routes for 4x4 or motorcycle tours in Morocco?

A road trip, by motorcycle or 4x4, is a fantastic way to reach off-the-beaten-track locations on a budget and you’ll be able to see villages, views, landscapes and sites that other tourists may not have access to. Morocco is a country of contrast and this is seen so clearly on a motorcycle tour, where you will ride through every type of scenery, from desert, to Berber village, to mountain, to ancient city.

Morocco 4x4 tours

  • Starting in Agadir, you will then travel to Tafraout, rich in Berber culture and onwards via the oasis settlement of Tata.
  • You will then come to Taroudant, ana ancient walled city, known as ‘the grandmother of Marrakech’, before travelling upwards via Taliouine where traditional carpets are being sold on every corner.
  • After buying a few souvenirs,  you will travel on to Aït Benhaddou, an ancient village which you may recognise from films and television, such as Game of Thrones.
  • Keep travelling to see, Ouarzazate and the great canyons of Morocco, as well as Todgha Gorge and Dades Gorge.
  • Move up to the Sahara and depending on the length of the trip, carry on towards the region of Fez.

Morocco motorcycle tours

  • Start at Tangier and begin to ride along Morocco’s Mediterranean coastline and then up through the incredible Atlas mountains.
  • From here, carry on down into the Todra Gorge, a breathtaking place where you can ride through rocks that seem to rise endlessly up into the sky.
  • Carry on into the Sahara desert, an unmissable stop on any route through Morocco.
  • Whether you want to stay in total luxury or have a more authentic experience, you’ll be able to travel from point to point, with as much freedom and flexibility as you could ask for.

What are the best spots for surfing holidays and yoga retreats in Morocco?

Aside from Taghazout and Agadir, there is another highly recommended spot for yoga and meditation away from any crowds. Agafay is a desert area around Marrakech, which is a perfect escape from the stresses of everyday life. Only one hour and a half away from Marrakech, you can easily travel here for the day and spend the night in the desert and enjoy a perfect break during your trip.

Why should I spend the honeymoon in Morocco?

Morocco is not only a fascinating country with so much to offer in terms of culture, history, beautiful beaches, relaxation, luxury accommodation, incredible activities and unforgettable adventures, it is also incredibly accessible. From Europe, flights are comparatively extremely cheap and the journey doesn’t take 24 hours! Enjoy everything you could possibly want from a honeymoon on your tailor-made tour. Taste delicious food, as you sit in a rooftop restaurant looking out over Marrakech, or stay in a beach-side hotel and make the most of the incredible sun and warm waters. Explore the winding streets of the cities together, making amazing memories as a couple.

What vaccinations are required before going to Morocco?

While no vaccinations are officially needed to visit Morocco, this will depend on your own personal circumstances. Make sure you check online and with your doctor before leaving to make sure you are covered.

When to go in Morocco?

The best time to travel to Morocco is Spring or Autumn, when the temperatures are at their most pleasant. In the summer, temperatures can be stifling and winter does not show Morocco's charms so well, especially as it can rain in the North. If you handle heat well or if you go to the mountains, you can also travel between May and September.
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Traveller reviews of their trip to Morocco

4.731 reviews
We began our trip with a few days in Marrakesh, followed by some trekking through the Atlas Mountains. We were driven to the Sahara desert, stopping to see Ait Ben Haddou, Dades and Todra Gourges...and many more delightful stops along the way. After two nights in the desert, we retraced our steps to Marrakesh before returning home. Morocco was a land that had been calling me to it - without explanation - for years. Despite the amazing natural landscapes and tremendous food experiences, my lasting impression of Morocco was how warm and kind the people were. Perhaps the best examples of which we found in our local travel agent, Nawfal and our local driver, Mohammed. Nawfal had deep knowledge of Morocco, but more importantly, a mastery of human connection and relationships. We had only a rough idea of what we hoped for on this trip, but no idea if our hopes were achievable. Nawfal treated us with utmost respect as we went back and forth together over weeks identifying options. Along the way, Nawfal discovered the way that we liked to travel, what was most important to us...even the style of accommodations that fit us personally. We went through an embarrassing number of iterations to design our dream trip. Throughout the planning process, Nawfal met every change with grace and understanding - there seemed to be no end to his patience! Our trip to Morocco validated how well Nawfal had listened to us throughout every conversation. Taking careful note of our every concern and preference. The accommodations and experiences seemed hand-tailored to fit us perfectly. My only regret is that Nawfal isn't available to plan and arrange our trips to other countries as well. I can't imagine a better ambassador than him to welcome us on our first trip to Morocco and our first trip with Evaneos. Mohammed - our driver - was brilliant at tending to our every need along the way. He always found the balance between giving us space when we needed it and engagement when we needed that. He offered us choices along the way that were too small to make a guide book, but surprised and delighted us every time! He quickly got to know us and our preferences for how we liked to travel...stopping for any reason: coffee, food, carpet shopping, taking pictures of goats along the side of the road. He had our playlists streaming from the van speakers and made sure that we ate at the best places we would have never found by ourselves. He kept a close eye on our safety and comfort, stepping in delicately before language or currency could become a problem. He provided us tips and cultural explanations that helped us navigate and understand every day. At the end of our trip, he felt like a distant friend or relative that we hope to see again one day.
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Beautiful Morocco
This was an amazing trip to see the many facets of Morocco! Enjoyed working with Brahim and Nalfal from the planning to execution of the trip. Appreciated the way they handled issues during the trip and would definitely recommend them highly. One day, we will come back to visit Morocco again!
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Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. It had a rough start. The driver who picked me up in Tangier seemed lost in Chefchauen and kept asking for directions and turning around. He dropped me off at the wrong gate in Chefchauen. He told me to ask the nice people for directions to the riad. One of the locals said he didn't know where the riad is, so I asked him to call the riad for directions. It turns out that the riad is located at a different gate. So I had to take a taxi to the correct gate. I didn't have the same problem with the drivers who picked me up in Chefchauen and Fes. They made sure there was someone to help me get to the riad. The guided visits were informative, especially when it came to showing me the way back to the riad without getting lost. It was the right length, so that I have time to explore on my own. I was 2hrs late to the guided tour of Ait Ben Haddou and half an hour late to the guided tour of Marrakesh. I have no problem being late as there are extenuating circumstances that prevents from arriving on time. However I was not pleased with the fact the guides were not informed of this. I told the driver to call the hotel that I will be late. I don't know if he did or not. But what I did know is that guides were waiting at the hotel until I arrived. All the riads I stayed at were exceptional, especially the one in Chefchauen. I felt like I was living like a queen.
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