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In the northern hemisphere, only two hours by plane from Iceland, there’s a country where time seems to stand still. In Greenland everything is quite: no noise from engines or horns, no crowds in overpopulated streets. When you travel to Greenland you’ll find that everything seem to be frozen. Once summer comes, the climate offers days of endless sunshine. You might lose your bearings: you’ll be struck by the contrast of enormous glaciers alongside small fishermen’s houses. The perfect whiteness, shimmering and glacial, could hurt the eyes because of its dazzling glare. Far off you might hear some barking: it’s the huskies setting off for a new journey. Greenland is definitely a country of extraordinary nature, a country where the glacial climate warms the heart of its inhabitants. A country, quite simply, to discover.

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Guide to travelling in Greenland

For the adventurous travellers of the world, Greenland is the perfect destination. Whether you’re snowmobiling, dog-sledging or walking along Greenland’s icecap, you will never be bored. As if this wasn’t enough, your nights will be filled with a view of the incredible Northern Lights, perhaps over traditional Greenlandic seafood, or from the comfort of a geothermal spring, the choice is yours...

Why go to Greenland with a local travel agent?

Going to Greenland with a local travel agent is like getting a personal invitation. Come visit us and we will proudly show you our country and let you in on our lifetime of local experience and insights. With a local travel agent, you get to feel a real sense of the country that a normal trip would never give you. Not only can we show you all the hidden gems and well-kept secrets that Greenland can offer you as a visitor, we can make sure that you get to see these on your own personalised schedule and route. Explore, hike, ski, trek, fish, eat, relax under the northern lights and fall in love with Greenland.

What are the most common things to do in Greenland?

  • When visiting Greenland so many of its top sites can be seen from an adventurous boat ride, which makes this destination much more exciting than an average city visit for instance, where a bus might take you from site to site with very little in between to spark your attention.
  • Even when you’re not seeing glaciers, icebergs, waterfalls, seals and whales, you’ll have astonishing views and landscapes to look at.
  • You can even catch a fish while onboard and have it served for dinner! (We recommend going in the summer months if you do want to explore Greenland by boat.)
  • Go on a hike to experience the fragrance of Greenlandic summer which you will never forget.
  • See the fjords, ice cap and towns from a bird’s eye view in a helicopter tour.
  • Go on a historical walk in Nuuk.
  • Greenlandic tapas, coffee, cake and stories with a local family.
  • In winter a ride on a dogsled is a must.
  • Last but not least, of course, the Northern Lights are not to be missed!  

When is the best time of the year to go to Greenland?

Greenland has something to offer no matter the time of year, this simply depends on your own preferences for your trip and what you want from your time in Greenland. For an authentic experience of Greenland’s winter, February to May is the best season to visit. You’ll be able to enjoy the snow-covered views from the highest point of a snowshoe hike or enjoy skiing without the overpopulated slopes of destinations like the alps,  for instance. We recommend visiting from February to April if it’s great skiing conditions that you’re after! For the summer months and all that they have to offer; June through September are perfect. The southern part of the island is free from ice during these months and so you’ll benefit from a more temperate climate.

Which is the most unique off the beaten track experience in Greenland?

The most unique experiences when visiting Greenland would have to be the overnight stays in remote locations. There are so many options but staying in a hut next to a glacier at Eqi or in Qooqqut Nuan; a mountain cabin-restaurant located one hour away by boat from Nuuk. If even these aren’t far enough off the beaten track for you, you could go on a two or three-day dog sled tour. You will stay in small huts of tents along the way and you’ll get to experience life removed from civilisation. A two-day hike on the Greenland Ice Cap would also fulfil all of your nomadic ambitions.

What is Greenland famous for?

Greenland is perhaps most famous for its Ice. Its vast glaciers, giant icebergs and the well-known great Greenland Ice Cap. Ice is a part of everyday life in Greenland and it is present almost everywhere, on our mountain tops, in the small and large glaciers scattered over the country or in the form of icebergs in the fjords. During the summer months, however, Greenland undergoes a drastic change and the fjords become warm, dry and green. Temperatures around 20 degrees are common and the temperatures today, since they have risen slightly, are exactly as they were when Viking settlers from Iceland inhabited the large fjord systems around the year 986!

What is Greenland’s wildlife like?

Sea mammals can be seen everywhere with seals and whales visible all along the coast. Whale safaris are offered in many towns and are a great way to learn more about the country’s majestic sea-life. On land, there are caribou (reindeer), muskox (the largest common land-animal) and of course, in the North, there are polar bears. When hiking you often meet the large, white Greenlandic hare which is always a beautiful sight.

What are the best hiking trails to explore Greenland’s landscapes?

Each area in Greenland has its own unique hiking trails. For a trip specifically for hiking, Southern Greenland is by far the best place to go. Here, it is possible to hike from sheep farm to sheep farm and stay in hostels along the way. It is easy hiking and along several routes, your luggage can be transported in a car by the sheep holders and delivered to you at your next stop-off point. Who wouldn’t want to see the natural beauty of the country, without having to worry about carrying their luggage the whole way!

What makes Greenland a great destination for a couple?

Greenland is an enormous island and yet it has just 56.000 inhabitants. From almost anywhere, you can walk for just 5 minutes and be totally on your own if you want to; something which you don’t often find in today’s world. Even just a few minutes from the capital city of Nuuk (17.000 inhabitants) or on hikes in the outskirts of the town you quickly begin to feel the bond to Greenlandic nature that its people experience every day. Much of the country has no roads, no houses, no agriculture – simply unspoilt nature as it has been for thousands of years.  

What are the activities Greenland offers for a family with children or teenagers?

For a family, a tour to a remote place for one or two days is a fantastic experience. Spending time together, close with nature and with each other, this is something you and your family will never forget. Hiking around the small towns can also offer a great day out with children and boat tours are also a must. Children will love seeing the wildlife of Greenland while onboard and will never forget an up-close encounter with the whales that attract visitors from far and wide. There is so much to see and do and doing it together as a family is the best way to experience it all.

When to go in Greenland?

The best period to go to Greenland is short: we advise you to go between June and August, the island's high season. You will be (a little) less cold in the North, and will able to make the most of the only moment where the South is not iced over. Don't be too scared of the cold though: as Greenland's climate is so dry, low temperatures are not paralysing.
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