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Norway is unique in more ways than one: for a start, it’s the northernmost country in Europe, with the smallest density in the continent. It also holds number one place in the world in Human Development Index.Norway’s not just a country boasting the highest quality of life, though, it’s also one that’s fantastic to travel! A trip to Norway is like entering the home of Mother Nature herself. Sea and mountain have joined forces to form sublime landscapes:Natural Parks, lakes, glaciers, forests, and stunning fjords. Norway is a country whose scenery changes with the seasons:in summer, prepare for days that go on forever, and a glowing sun that shines even at midnight… In winter, Nature puts on its white jacket and the snow sports begin. It’s also the season during which the Northern Lights are at their most spectacular. Frankly, this ethereal phenomenon alone is worth making the trip! Conveniently, Norway is also an ideal destination for a family trip: what child wouldn’t want to take a visit to the homeland of Father Christmas?

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Guide to travelling in Norway

Stuck for ideas? Don’t panic, the Evaneos Travel team has created a handy Norway Travel Guide, inside which you’ll find all the advice you need to prepare your perfect trip. From itinerary ideas for the most classic or off-the-beaten-track adventures, practical information and recommendations, you’ll be spoilt for choice. As far as budget in Norway goes, you’ll find that the old stories about the high cost of living in Scandinavia weren’t exaggerations. There are some exceptions: train travel is comfortable, for example, and not too pricy! To give you a helping hand, we’ve provided answers to all your more general questions, too: what should I pack to be well-prepared for Norway’s climate? What are the country’s administrative formalities? Where can I go to watch the Northern Lights? You’ll also get information on the habits and customs to keep in mind when travelling, the most important of which is respecting the environment! Being well-prepared for your trip is as easy as reading up on our Norway Travel Guide!

When to go in Norway?

The best time to travel to Norway is between May and September. With May comes the arrival of spring, totally transforming the appearance of Norway; the days are longer and the country is filled with flowers in full bloom. Between June and August, the weather can be a little unpredictable: nice, warm weather is as likely as chilly, wet weather. In May and September, the weather is quite mild, with clear skies. It's best to travel during this time unless you absolutely must go skiing no matter what or unless you plan to visit Lapland. The thing is, from October to April, it can be freezing cold and many places of interest are closed to visitors. You should also consider the differences in the climates of the various regions of Norway. For example, the southern part of the country isn't too cold so you can travel there throughout the the entire year. Go and experience fjords, dream archipelagos and the northern lights in this extraordinary country.
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Traveller reviews of their trip to Norway

4.934 reviews
Steven & Jo
We travelled from Oslo to Voss onto Bergen then Tromso. Our guide Stig in Oslo was very good company , fantastic facts and knowledge about Oslo. The ski resort in Voss is very accessible and the young people who work up there are super friendly and helpful. The restaurant is gorgeous too. Tromso was amazing , we got to see the Northern lights with an arranged mini bus trip by Evaneos. The dog sledding trip was Tromso’s highlight, we went to the Villmarkssenter , the crew were super fun especially Lauris our guide for the morning. The boat trip was very special too on board The Capella with Captain Jack. The hearty warming Norwegian salmon chowder made by Marta was the best.
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Iris F
I had spent a few days in Copenhagen first and then made my way to Bergen by plane. From there, I followed Andre’s directions for travel to downtown Bergen, checked into my modern and central hotel, and spent time at an art museum. The next day I explored Bergen with a lifetime resident and learned so much about the history of the city. En route to Oslo I experienced travel via train, bus, and even a fjord cruise through the gorgeous Nærøyfjord. I appreciated that André understood how important it was to me to experience the sights and scenic routes Norway has to offer. I checked into another modern and central hotel in Oslo and spent the next day exploring town with another local expert and doing some Christmas shopping. I would love to come back to Scandinavia again in the future- maybe next time in the summer!
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