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Norway itineraries & trip ideas

There’s nowhere more synonymous with incredible fjords then Norway. Stretched across 2,000 km of glistening sea, these ancient glacial valleys represent the pride and fame of the country today. From kaleidoscopic blue lagoons to transparent greens, mirroring pristine glaciers abo...There’s nowhere more synonymous with incredible fjords then Norway. Stretched across 2,000 km of glistening sea, these ancient glacial valleys represent the pride and fame of the country today. From kaleidoscopic blue lagoons to transparent greens, mirroring pristine glaciers above… no two of Norway’s fjords look alike, and frankly, they’re all worth a visit! Immense, uneven, weird and wonderful, they perfectly embody the harmony between mankind and nature.
Your trip to Norway will naturally start with Oslo, one of the continent’s cleanest and greenest capital cities. Between forest and sea, Oslo combines a buzzing urban atmosphere with a range of unmissable outdoor activities to try during your visit! Culture lovers, be sure to include in your itinerary a viewing of Edvard Munch’s famous ‘Scream’ in the museum dedicated to his works. However, you’ll quickly want to move on and discover the fjords of the west coast!
From Oslo, take the train from Oslo to Bergen . This mythic route culminates at a staggering 1,300 m of altitude, and traverses the country from east to west while crossing sublime landscapes. From forests to lush green valleys and towering mountains, these aren’t your typical train window views. Bergen is one of the most beautiful cities in Norway, with emblematic backstreets, colourful facades, its port, and a young, welcoming vibe. The city is also the ideal starting point to visit the Vestland, in the west of the country. This region is marked out by fjords, and offers some fantastic scenery where the sea flows through the mountains…
By car, on foot, by cruise boat through the Western fjords, the Lofoten Islands or even by dogsled in Lapland while you gaze up at the Northern Lights… There are a plethora of ways to discover the beauty of Norway:
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19 customisable tours in Norway
  • Highlights
Fantastic fjord road trip
Venture into Norway's fjordland from Ålesund to Bergen and delight the senses – with dramatic fjords and glistening waterfalls from...
Approx.9 daysFrom£1,820
  • Adventure
Winter wonderland in the fjords
Experience your winter wonderland on a road trip through the Fjords of Norway, with its amazing contrasts between snow-covered mountains and...
Approx.8 daysFrom£1,690
  • Highlights
Fjords for families
Discover the wonders of nature in the Fjords of Norway: embark on a self-drive round-trip encapsulating hiking, biking and paddling...
Approx.12 daysFrom£1,140
  • Highlights
Northern Lights road trip
The Aurora Borealis is a breathtaking natural phenomenon. Starting in the Northern Lights City, this short self-drive trip includes stunning...
Approx.5 daysFrom£1,240
  • Highlights
Road trip Lofoten Islands
The Lofoten Islands are a unique destination with awe-inspiring scenery: characteristic craggy peaks looking down upon white beaches...
Approx.7 daysFrom£1,000
join a group
  • Adventure
Fjords by kayak
This tour is set up like an expedition, where everyone will work together to accomplish goals. You have to be able to paddle in calm and windy...
Approx.6 daysFrom£1,220
  • Highlights
Norways mythical coast
Discover villages and stunning scenery along the Norwegian coast. Join our trip through the fjords and islands on the ship Hurtigruten! Stop...
Approx.14 daysFrom£3,970
  • Highlights
Viking heritage trail
Discover Norway among the Vikings! Discover the ancient Norse mythology along the winding valleys of the Norwegian fjords...
Approx.10 daysFrom£2,170
  • Highlights
Adventure to Northern Norway
Prepare yourself for breathtaking scenery, colorful seaside homes and some good old fashion activity! Northern Norway is arguably one of the worlds...
Approx.13 days
  • Highlights
Whistle-stop Bergen
For a quick 4 day adventure fix of Norwegian culture and otherworldly landscapes, look no further than Bergen, one of the oldest port cities in...
Approx.4 daysFrom£610
  • Highlights
Whistle-stop Oslo, The Tiger City
Got 4 days to spare? Jet set to Oslo, the capital of Norway situated on the southern coast. Known for its green spaces and cultural...
Approx.4 daysFrom£480
  • Off the beaten track
Oslo tours and fjord experiences
Set off on a 9 day journey across Norway blending cultural discovery with off the beaten path experiences. Experience Oslo and...
Approx.9 daysFrom£2,220
  • Adventure
Experience wild nature in Vesteralen and Senja
If the thought of grasping the steering wheel during a 7 day self-drive journey across stunningly beautiful & isolated islands of Norway makes...
Approx.7 daysFrom£2,020
  • Off the beaten track
Winter hiking adventure of Norway
Winter in Norway is a truly special time of the year. Waterfalls turn to daggers of ice and green hills surrender and bow to dramatic snow...
Approx.11 daysFrom£2,640
  • Highlights
Winter adventure on Lofoten Islands
Welcome to Lofoten, an archipelago in Norway known for its dramatic scenery! The four connected islands offer an unspoiled paradise for adventure...
Approx.8 daysFrom£2,140
  • Highlights
Best of Norway
A journey off the beaten track in Norway is an experience of a lifetime! Connect with kind-hearted locals, discover endless hidden gems...
Approx.13 daysFrom£3,390
  • Off the beaten track
Road trip in Norways Arctic Circle
Get a taste of Norwegian outdoor culture, during this unique 8 day self-drive journey! On arrival, pick up the rental car and head off to...
Approx.8 daysFrom£1,830
  • Adventure
Hiking on top of the fjords
This 6-day hiking tour includes the best of Trollheimen, Dovre and Sunndal National Parks. With contrasting mountain areas and varied nature...
Approx.6 daysFrom£950
  • Adventure
Hiking and rafting Norways fjords and rivers 
With untouched fjords to urban cities, where sleek, modern style blends with century-old Norse design, Norway is a land of stark...
Approx.9 daysFrom£1,880

Travelling to Norway: final tips and advice

Dare to follow in the Vikings’ footsteps and take a ride on the coastal express: the Hurtigruten. This boating company is one of the most legendary in the world, crossing the entire Norwegian coast from south to north between Bergen and Kirkenes, the country’s easternmost city, to its border with Russia. The ferry covers a distance of 2,700 kilometres, including the mythical Lofoten Islands and the North Cape. Like a piece of living history, this route was for many years the predominant method of traversing the country from south to north. You’ll no doubt stopover at the Lofoten Archipelago. These diverse islands, scattered with colourful houses, offer wild landscapes from lush green to slate-grey. The turquoise waters of Lofoten’s fjords give them the appearance of a painted canvas, with the wilderness providing a perfect haven for you to observe the local flora and fauna, including numerous species of bird and marine mammal. Seafood lovers, you’ll be happy to know that the region’s main activity revolves around fishing. Norwegian cuisine truly lives up to its reputation, with a range of delicious salmon, cod, and various Nordic fish specialties. Their smoked salmon, for example, is a national treat renowned worldwide, so eat up, and have a wonderful trip!
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