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Jordan's ancient cities and unique sites makes it a great place for a one week itinerary since, even in such a short time, you’ll be able to get a feel for this beautiful place. Jordan is the place where comfort and culture meet, where you can stay in a specially designed tent in the desert and enjoy a meal cooked over a fire by your guides as you look up at the sky filled with stars. Enjoy this experience and so many more on a 7-day trip to Jordan.

Best things to see and do for one week in Jordan

What to see in one week

Jordan and the Middle-East are famously home to several biblical sites and these are well worth a visit on a one week itinerary in Jordan. Here you can visit sites such as Mount Nebo as well as the supposed site of Jesus Christ’s baptism. You certainly won’t be short of more ancient sites to visit too, with the City of Petra never failing to fascinate history lovers. Wander through huge buildings and temples carved into the rock. Be sure not the miss the largest and most impressive temple in the city; Al-Khazneh, which is an astounding feat of human achievement. For more castles and fortresses, move on to Kerak Castle, which is a 12th Century Crusader fortress and makes an excellent day trip. Feel as though you’ve travelled back in time and learn about what life was like for the crusaders that built this place and occupied it so long ago. Aqaba Fortress is another excellent visit and its fascinating to compare these different fortresses and castles during your time here.

What to do in one week

A visit to Jordan would be incomplete without a visit to The Dead Sea. Visit this natural phenomenon to see why it continue to attract so any visitors. No place is better to relax after a few days of tourism than the Dead Sea, where you can simply float in the water and enjoy the feeling of being weightless, or visit one of the Dead Sea spas to enjoy a range of traditional treatments before continuing your travels. For adventure, visit Wadi Rum, where the desert landscape will make you feel as though you’ve landed on another planet. You may recognise the area from famous films such as Star Wars. Spend the day walking the dunes, take a camel ride or even a quad bike or 4x4 adventure. You can even spend the night here in specially-designed tents that are the perfect mixture of comfort and adventure. Your guides will help you to cook traditional food over an open fire as you relax for the evening and enjoy the desert star-filled sky. For more nature and adventure, visit the Dana Biosphere Reserve, a nature reserve that is a hit with hikers and adventurers alike.

Best time to travel to Jordan for a week

Jordan may be small, but due to its variations in altitude, the weather here can vary enormously and you’ll have to plan your trip based on where you are planning to visit and what you plan on doing there. The summer months can become incredibly hot, meaning that visits to tourist sites and any strenuous activity is often done early in the morning, leaving the hottest part of the day free to siesta in the shade. The best time to visit Jordan is undoubtedly during the spring, when greenery is everywhere and wildflowers carpet the ground. The weather during spring is hot but not usually unbearable and so it makes the perfect choice for beach-goers too. Whenever you decide to visit, you will want to come back as soon as your trip to Jordan is over.

When to go in Jordan?


Discover a country that is full of history, with a fascinating culture, and whose inhabitants are very hospitable. Visit Petra and Wadi Rum, or spend some time in the desert of this beautiful Middle Eastern country. The two best periods for going to Jordan are spring and autumn, because the temperatures are most pleasant. Between November and March there is more rain. In winter it can be very cold and it may even snow. Also, be aware of the differences in climate between different regions: although the eastern desert is bearable in summer, the southern desert is so hot that it's a real ordeal.

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