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For families looking to immerse themselves in another culture and embark on an unforgettable adventure, Jordan is the answer. This stunning country is not known as the land of ancient wonders for nothing and you and your kids will be able to explore its many exciting sites on a family trip that will take you through stunning scenery, bustling cities, warm waters and even through history.

Best things to see and do in Jordan with kids

What to see as a family

Any family travelling to Jordan should not miss a visit to the lost city of Petra. One of the seven wonders of the world and a UNESCO world heritage site, the remains of this city are fascinating and families can take a tour on foot or by vehicle, or even on camel-back. Head just outside of Petra to find Little Petra, the perfect accompaniment to its larger counterpart, which is not to be missed. If you choose to visit on foot you’ll be able to stroll through the rocks, seeing ancient temples and buildings rising up on either side of you. If you enjoy these ancient ruins, you should also stop off at Amman, which is home to a Roman theater as well as museums of archaeology and ancient history. Jerash is another great site for families to visit and here you can see Greco-Roman ruins of all descriptions as well as the famous Temple of Artemis, which is remarkably well-preserved. The final stop on your historical tour should certainly be Al-Khazneh, where ruins, temples, tombs and crusader castles can be seen wherever you turn and the whole family is bound to be fascinated by the stories and mythology that accompanies a tour to this interesting place. For those who are interested, there are also several biblical sites to visit here, and you’ll be able to find out the significance of each of these world-famous places for many religious groups all over the globe.

What to do as a family

No family trip to Jordan would be complete without a visit to the bizarre and lunar landscape of Wadi Rum where a whole host of activities await you and your children. Go hiking among the striking dunes or, if that isn’t your idea of fun, why not take a camel ride? You can even go quad biking into the desert to find the perfect spot for a sand boarding expedition. Stay the night in a desert camp in special tents after enjoying a delicious traditional Jordanian meal cooked on a campfire by your guides. After your stay in a Bedouin camp, visit Zanqa; another favorite destination for family activities. Here you can enjoy the natural hot springs, go canyoning or set off on a hiking trip to get the best views in the middle-east. Dana is yet another top choice for hiking and is home to nature reserves that you can explore to your heart’s content. After all that action-packed adventure, head to Aqaba, where you can find numerous family resorts as well as some of the best diving spots in Jordan. Parents can treat themselves to a spa day while kids enjoy a water park or one of the other activities on offer especially for children. You can also go on a snorkelling trip or organise a glass-bottomed boat to see the underwater paradise that is The Red Sea. If you want to kick the relaxation up a notch, make your last stop The Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, where you can float on the salty water and feel as though you’re on another planet. Quite apart from its therapeutic properties, this is also a unique and beautiful area that is not to be missed by anyone travelling to Jordan.

Best time to travel to Jordan as a family

When you choose to plan your trip to Jordan will depend on what you wish to do during your stay and will depend mainly on temperature. Since Jordan is made up of 90% desert, temperatures are unsurprisingly scorching during summer months. However, what many people fail to prepare for is the fact that night-times here can be very cold with an extreme drop in temperature once the sun goes in. The North west of the country receives the most rainfall so if you plan on visiting here outside of the summer months, pack some waterproof clothing. The Dead Sea and its surrounding areas are the hottest places to visit during the summer, with temperatures soaring to 40 degrees Celsius and above. All in all, the best time to visit is generally between March and June and then during September and October where temperatures are bearable and won’t put a stop to any activities you have planned. If you do visit between June and August, try to plan day trips earlier in the day, leaving you free during the hot afternoons to siesta or relax.

Family holiday tips for travelling to Jordan

With a little research and knowledge you can ensure that you are as prepared as possible for your time in Jordan, here a few tips and tricks to ensure that everything runs smoothly on your family trip.

  • As with any popular tourist destination, you and your family may encounter pickpockets when visiting some of the more crowded sites, particularly in markets. These are easy to tackle by simply making sure that any valuables are kept safe and sound back at your hotel and that you don’t carry large amounts of cash.
  • Try to learn a few key phrases in the local language. This will be helpful in any situation and even if you never need it to communicate, it can be fun and educational for children to learn about the local language and culture. If nothing else, everyone likes to be greeted and thanked in their native language.
  • The culture here can be different and so it is important to be respectful. For most visitors this will apply particularly if you plan on visiting any religious sites. Dress and behave appropriately, wearing long pants and a shawl for women if you a touring around religious areas and temples.

When to go in Jordan?


Discover a country that is full of history, with a fascinating culture, and whose inhabitants are very hospitable. Visit Petra and Wadi Rum, or spend some time in the desert of this beautiful Middle Eastern country. The two best periods for going to Jordan are spring and autumn, because the temperatures are most pleasant. Between November and March there is more rain. In winter it can be very cold and it may even snow. Also, be aware of the differences in climate between different regions: although the eastern desert is bearable in summer, the southern desert is so hot that it's a real ordeal.

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