Czech Republic Travel Guide

The 5 reasons to go to in Czech Republic

Since splitting with Slovakia, the Czech Republic continues to rise ever higher. From Prague to Ostrava to Bohemia, it's becoming a flagship destination for European tourism!

  1. 1
    For the romanticism of Prague
  2. 2
    For the remote villages of Moravia
  3. 3
    For the scenery in Bohemia
  4. 4
    Because the food there is just as good as the drinks
  5. 5
    For its extraordinary industrial heritage
1. For the romanticism of Prague
The City of a Thousand Spires is a perfect destination for any type of traveller. Those who like to take long walks will be in heaven, as will fans of partying with the long wild nights that seem to never end. Finally, the romantic atmosphere of the Czech capital is particularly conducive to all kinds of desires...
2. For the remote villages of Moravia
This little-known region, close to Poland, is one of the most beautiful discoveries you can make during a trip to the Czech Republic. From the surprising Ostrava to the little villages in the back country, it's a standing invitation to beautiful and unexpected suprises.
3. For the scenery in Bohemia
Bohemia isn't just a song or a time in the past: it's also (and especially) a wonderful region devoted to nature, with mountains for hiking and outdoor activities, in a country where no one questions their existence!
4. Because the food there is just as good as the drinks
Travelling to the Czech Republic means immersing yourself in a world where good food can always be found. Explosive, robust and rustic culinary specialities like Svičkova and Nadivka, world-famous beers (Pilsner and Radegast) and surprising white wine grapes.
5. For its extraordinary industrial heritage
When some people no longer know what to do with old mines or industrial complexes, they destroy everything. But in the Czech Republic, they decide instead to renovate them and make them protected areas (like in Ostrava with the Michal mine) or have huge music festivals there (Colours of Ostrava).

When to go in Czech Republic?

The best months to visit the Czech Republic are May, June and September. You can also go in April and October, despite the cooler climate at these times of year, as well as July and August, the busiest but hottest months. Between October and March, however, most of the tourist attractions are closed. Between January and April you have the chance to ski!
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What to see in Czech Republic?

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Prepare for your departure to in Czech Republic
Here are some essential pieces of information and useful addresses to plan your trip as calmly as possible.

What documents to travel to in Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is a European country in the Schengen Zone, so there's no need for a visa for European or Swiss citizens, only a passport. For Americans and Canadians, a passport is necessary but no visa for a stay of less than 90 days.

Health advice

No vaccinations are required to travel to the Czech Republic. The healthcare system is on the whole good and you'll find hospitals or clinics in all of the big cities as well as doctor's practices and pharmacies in all of the smaller towns. Like in the rest of mainland Europe, the emergency number is 112.


Czech is a western Slavic language which is part of the family of Indo-European languages. Very different from English, you'll definitely find it quite difficult to learn. Close to Slovakian, Polish or Serbo-Croatian, Czech has several declensions which make its grammar very complex. The uniform pronunciation however makes it a little simpler than English.

Time difference

The Czech Republic is an hour ahead of the UK and the clocks go forward in summer on the same day. Being located much further east, the sun rises earlier and also sets earlier than in the UK.

Phone and internet connection

The dialling code is +420.

WiFi is available in the majority of cafes, restaurants, hotels and youth hostels.


The sockets are different to the UK and so it's necessary to buy an adaptor.

The British Embassy in the Czech Republic:

Thunovska 14
118 00

Telephone: (+420) 257 40 2111
Fax: (+420) 257 40 2296

Consular section:
Fax: (+420) 257 402 280

For more information on the different consulates look on the embassy website.