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Czech Republic Travel Guide

5 reasons to travel to Czech Republic

Since splitting with Slovakia, the Czech Republic continues to rise ever higher. From Prague to Ostrava to Bohemia, it's becoming a flagship destination for European tourism!

  • 1.
    For the romanticism of Prague
  • 2.
    For the remote villages of Moravia
  • 3.
    For the scenery in Bohemia
  • 4.
    Because the food there is just as good as the drinks
  • 5.
    For its extraordinary industrial heritage

Places of interest

Culture and Discovery

Prague, as beautiful as it is mysterious

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a great city for all types of travellers. If you love family adventure, if you love to seek out places that have been left u...
Cedric Tinteroff4 December 2015
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