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An update from Evaneos
Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo: The Ultimate Hidden Gem

It may not be an obvious choice for many, but it is for this reason that Puerto Viejo is an unbeatable choice for your trip to Costa Rica. It may be far away from other Costa Rican points of interest but this also means that this beautiful location is far from crowds of tourists and the perfect choice for those looking to see another side to the country. See the real, local Costa Rica, eat delicious, authentic food, and why not even try your hand at surfing Puerto Viejo’s perfect waves?

The Picturesque Town of Puerto Viejo


The weather here may not always be perfect, but after spending a few hours here, you too will be convinced that this adds to the charm of this quaint fishing village. Stroll through old buildings, houses and winding roads and feel the history that has gathered here. The village itself has a Caribbean feel to it, which plays a part, alongside the perfect conditions, in why surfers flock here.

Wander the streets, which really come alive at night; exploring cool bars, live concerts and delicious restaurants. The cuisine is very varied and so you will certainly never be bored. Why not try a new dish every night? There is something for every budget, from gourmet seafood to street food, bursting with local flavour.


Spend the day perusing the second hand shops or old book stores before relaxing in the window of a coffee shop and taking in this interesting town. Renting a bike is easy and so you’ll be able cycle through the practically vehicle-free roads, making your way to one of the nearby beaches for the afternoon. Puerto Viejo is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxed few days during your tour of Costa Rica.

Must-See Surrounding Areas


Puerto Viejo is also home to an animal sanctuary, which can be easily reached by cycling along the road to Manzanillo. The sanctuary can be expensive, but it’s a fantastic way to see the region’s animals up close and to learn all about them. Children, in particular, will love to visit the animals rescued by the centre, who are nursed back to health before being released back into the wild. Even the journey there will afford so many opportunities to see animals; be sure to look up and see the wild sloths and monkeys in the roadside trees. Manzanillo national park is around 15 kilometres from Puerto Viejo, and is well worth a visit if you’re feeling up to a slightly longer bike ride.



A mere hour away from Puerto Viejo and its beaches lies Cahuita. Bigger and quieter than Puerto Viejo, it is equally charming. Visit the magnificent and surprising Cahuita National Park and follow winding paths through the marshy jungle and find hidden coves or explore the coral reef. The park has a bar selling refreshing drinks, sandwiches and fresh fruit; a fantastic way to refuel after a day of walking.

Four days is the perfect amount of time to explore Puerto Viejo and its surrounding areas, although we can’t guarantee you won’t be left wanting more!

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