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Costa Rica Travel Guide

7 reasons to travel to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a haven of peace in Central America. Make the most of the tranquility and the many activities in nature offered by this country. There are so many different landscapes that will never cease to amaze you.

  • 1.
    See the advances they have made towards sustainable development
  • 2.
    Go and explore a place where National Parks make up 25% of the country.
  • 3.
    Explore an amazing tropical forest
  • 4.
    Laze on the many beaches on both coasts
  • 5.
    Watching the Leatherbacks
  • 6.
    Understanding how chocolate is made
  • 7.
    Meeting friendly people

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Places of interest

Is this the destination for you?

Here is some advice about your journey to Costa Rica, a country where the abundant natural wildlife is respected and conserved.

You should go if

  • If you want to see turtles, whales, monkeys, sloths...
  • You love luxuriant landscapes
  • You like exploring sea beds
  • You enjoy eco-tourism
  • You want to meet friendly local people
  • You want to explore one of the biggest primary tropical forests in Central America

You shouldn't go if

  • You don't like rice or kidney beans
  • You only have a small budget for your trip
  • You are an unrepentant smoker (very strict anti-smoking laws and few smokers)
  • You're not keen on insects and reptiles
  • You want to spend your holidays far away from mass tourism
  • You don't like heat or humidity

Culture and Discovery

Guanacaste, a symbol of Costa Rica

There are a multitude of parks in the vast region around the Nicoya Peninsula and the North Pacific. Get ready for picture perfect views.
Laure Alvarez23 April 2018
Travel account

Corcovado On Any Budget

On the Osa peninsula, in the south Pacific, Corcovado National Park is one of the jewels of Costa Rica. However, an excursion here can quickly become expensive. Here are ...
Julie Olagnol14 March 2018
Travel account

Stuff of Legend: Costa Rica’s Volcanoes

Arguably Costa Rica's most famous residents, these immense volcanoes are well worth a visit.
Laure Alvarez14 March 2018
Travel account

Agrotourism in Mastalal

Mastalal, a village in the depths of the rural Costa Rica, is a place unlike anywhere else, where you can truly live alongside nature. 
Laure Alvarez14 March 2018
Travel account

Adventure in Corcovado National Park

Step into the magic of Corcovado National Park and explore this surprising tropical forest, filled with plants and animals.
Laure Alvarez14 March 2018
Travel account

Samara: Ultimate tranquility

White sand beaches, calm, blue waters and rich culture; take the time to stroll around Samara, meeting its people and taking a much needed break on your Costa Rican adven...
Laure Alvarez14 March 2018
Travel account
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