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An update from Evaneos
Costa Rica

Agrotourism in Mastalal

Agrotourism is on the rise and for those interested in ecology, charity or agriculture as well as travel then it is an innovative choice for an unusual and important trip. Where better to experience this than at the innovative farms of Mastalal. Located in the country's central valley in the incredible backdrop of Costa Rican nature, you'll learn a lot and meet the locals who live and work here.

Getting to know Mastalal

After having journeyed kilometres by bus, on foot or by motorbike through the lush vegetation of central Costa Rica you will finally reach your destination. You won’t be disappointed; in the district of Puriscal, lies the village of Mastatal, famous for its ecological farms. At the heart of this little town there is a small library which plays host to yoga classes, a sports ground and a tiny grocery store. As well as being charming, the village has incredible surroundings. La Cangreja Park is not well known but is well worth a visit to take in some stunning views and Costa Rican nature. Swim in untamed rivers, see the vast array of wild animals, tropical birds and insects that live here.

The Eco-farms of Mastalal

There are a dozen farms around Mastalal, in Costa Rica's central valley. Most of them use similar ecological methods, such as recycling, permaculture and composting, there are even compost toilets with fantastic views! Permaculture is a way of life aimed at producing food respectfully, making use of the soil so that everything is as sustainable as possible while respecting nature and human life. These farms all welcome volunteers and several of them welcome visitors too. Some of the farms even have their own specialties. One farm specialises in chocolate and will take you through the process from harvest, all the way through to making cakes. Another specialises in teaching Spanish. In each ecological farm the head of the family is responsible for operations and for carrying out their projects, being careful to listen to the, often useful, advice of visitors and other members of the farming community.

An Authentic Experience

If you want to meet locals in a truly natural and authentic setting then you should come to this region during your trip to Costa Rica. The Costa Ricans on the farms at Mastalal live and work according to the same values: respect nature, eat well, enjoy life and live sustainably. The village is proud of these values and of its reputation and is a close community whose members communicate constantly and help one another. During you will see various cutting-edge developments in sustainability, particularly through eco-tourism. Mastalal's ecological farms are just one example of this.

Spend at least 3 days in any one of the village's ecological farms to get the most out of this incredible experience.

Laure Alvarez
44 contributions