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Thailand Approx. 12 days
Vietnam Approx. 14 days
France Approx. 8 days
Sri Lanka Approx. 16 days
India Approx. 20 days
Argentina Approx. 10 days
Burma Approx. 14 days
Indonesia Approx. 15 days
Uzbekistan Approx. 12 days
Japan Approx. 12 days
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Foodies' Guide

With great travel comes great discovery. Whether that be new cultures, vastly different landscapes, or mouth-watering cuisine. So why not design a tour based around your favourite food? Our local agents know where to find the best Pad Thai in Bangkok, the tastiest tacos in Mexico, or the freshest seafood in Vietnam. Let them help you organise the ultimate gastronomic tour around your favourite food. Or, for those keen on cooking new dishes, why not take a class with the locals? Our tour in China offers you the chance to make the freshest noodles with a local expert. So sit back, relax and let your taste buds guide you to your next locally-made adventure!

Classic Thai dishes such as red and green curries, Pad Thais, and soups are enjoyed around the world. But in the land where they originate, the cuisine is at its freshest and tastiest, all sourced with local lemongrass, chillies and seafood. You can enjoy fresh Thai food at most cafes or restaurants. If you’re looking for an authentic experience, head to the Mae Sot floating market in Bangkok. Here you’ll find hundreds of small boats filled to the brim with fresh cuisine, ready to be enjoyed.

Local dish: Tom Yum Gung, a broth made with lemongrass, kaffir, lime leaves, galangal and crushed peppers. 

Mexicans love food, especially their own. When you visit, you’ll quickly get a sense of how important cuisine is in their daily life. Asking where to find the best carnitas (braised pork) in Mexico city or the best Mole ( a type of Chilli sauce) in Oaxaca is a great conversation starter. Or simply head to the local bar to enjoy the tastiest tacos you’ve ever eaten with a cold Cerveza!

Local dish: Tamales, pockets of corn dough stuffed with filling- an ancient battle snack of the Inca, Maya and Aztecs. 

There are hundreds of specialities awaiting you in Vietnam. Every region has a unique type of cuisine, so it worth travelling around the country for a gastronomy tour. In the north, it is common for food to be seasoned with an aromatic pepper, giving everything a distinct sweetness. Equally vital are fresh herbs such as basil, mint, coriander and spring onions. In the south, fresh fruit and vegetables are more readily available and often combined with seafood or cooked meat.

Local dish: Try Gio Cuon- Vietnam spring rolls filled with greens and pork, shrimp or crab.

For all tea fanatics...

Sri Lanka
Did you know that Sri Lanka is the 4th largest producer of tea? No trip there would be complete without trying a cuppa at a local tea shop! Or, for the more adventurous, hike up to visit a tea estate and find out how it’s all made! We recommend visiting the Hill Country, a land of emerald peaks, great views, and fields of tea plantations.

Local tea: Try aromatic Ceylon black, white and green tea blends.