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It needs to be said: Iran is not the first tourist destination that springs to mind when travellers are planning their next trip. The events of the last few decades have horribly tarnished the image of the country, to the extent of making it into a place which has been deserted by tourism. However, nothing but riches and wonders await those who have the courage to go beyond the clichés and the adverts. Along with the legendary hospitality of the Iranian people, is the thousand-year-old culture, which is both rich and precious, interior designs of unexpected beauty and archaeological heritage which will make any history enthusiasts interested in ruins tremble in anticipation. Iran is also a country that is half the size of Europe at the crossroads of Mediterranean and Asian civilisations, of inspirations, a subtle mix which will eternally surprise the traveller by its richness, its diversity and the beauty of the encounters which will be in no short supply during your journey! Put what other people say aside and leave, as others have, on the trail of the Persian empire, Persepolis, Shiraz or even Isfahan on a journey to Iran.
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Guide to travelling in Iran

If, for your next trip, you are looking for a destination with heritage and thousand-year-old traditions, with curious, open, welcoming and hospitable people, where you need to go beyond the clichés and where the freeness of spirit and understanding are necessary attractions, look no further: Iran is for you! Owing to a relatively negative image, following the historical events that have taken place, Iran is a country that is more and more unknown and infrequently visited. However, if the crowds knew what wonders were hiding, it would be the place to go! By virtue of its position between Mediterranean Europe and Asia, Iran is at the crossroads of several civilisations, which are found in all aspects of the country: architectural, culinary, cultural. You will be surprised by what you see in the cities like Teheran (the capital) and its archaeological museum, Shiraz with the mausoleum of Saadi and the garden of Eram or even the exceptional site of Naqsh-e Rostam, not far from Persepolis in the province of Fars. What more is there to say about Firouz-Adad than the superb ruins of the Temple of Fire of Ardachir or even Yazd, one of the oldest towns in the world where there still remains a small Zoroastrian community. Finally, one of the highlights of your stay will be the visit to the sublime religious town of Isfahan with its palaces, its mosques, its Armenian quarter: an unforgettable memory. So many cultural riches to discover on a tour of Iran!

When to go in Iran?

The best time to visit Iran is from March to June, when spring makes the country (which is generally very dry) green again and temperatures are mild throughout all the regions. Although it can be interesting to travel to Iran in winter (notably to visit the desert regions which are ordinarily hotter and the south of the country), temperatures can be glacial in the north and east. During July and August, temperatures can be suffocating and the sun can be scorching.
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PETER from Australia
Particularly liked Shi raz, Yazd and Isfahan Abyaneh Tomb of Cyress Perseopolis was not as impressive
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On the whole a well organised
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All sites were interesting - in particular King Cyrus's tomb lit up at night, NOWRUZ, the fire jumping tradition, Necropolis, Bam, the PERSEPOLIS SOUND & LIGHT show itself, the bazaars of Shiraz and Kerman, Sarvestan Castle, tour of Kerman and the beautiful mosques.
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