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Selamat Detang! Indonesia was born under a lucky travel star: amazing deep sea diving, treks along a volcano rim, exquisite landscapes as varied as virgin jungle and terraced rice paddies, a cuisine of a thousand flavours. There is no doubt that the innumerable attributes of this country will delight travellers … But a trip to Bali or to Indonesia, is not only the discovery of incomparable natural wonders, it is also an encounter with an extraordinary culture. It is the largest archipelago in the world, with 13,000 islands (some say up to 17,000!), it is also the fourth most populated country in the world with 240 million inhabitants. With ancient connections to India and China, and later with the Middle East, what was once a trade route quickly became a crossroad for cultural exchange. This history explains why there are still, to this day, many religious practices (Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and Animism), coexisting side by side in Indonesia.

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On our website, you will find many ideas to help you plan your trip to Indonesia. All of these holiday ideas can be tailor-made to suit your personal needs and desires! You will most likely start your journey with a trip to Bali, on this “land chosen by the gods” …The reputation of the island is strongly rooted in its traditions and spirituality: in Bali, there is a Syncretism or blending of Hinduism and Animism, and religion and art are considered one and the same. Nowhere is this more in evidence than in Ubud, the cultural capital of Bali. Despite the influx of tourists, in Bali, traditions are very well preserved and perpetuated. Rice terraces, volcanoes surrounded by lush tropical forests, white sand beaches nestled in the cliffs, a trip to Bali is also a means of discovering the beauty of nature… A journey to Indonesia also means discovering Lombok, just as welcoming but more relaxed than Bali. Indonesia is also renowned for its diving sites which attract thousands of divers every year… One of the most famous “spots” is the Bunaken National Park in the northern part of Sulawesi island. Similar to the park but less well known, the island of Lembeh will delight you with its turquoise waters and white sand. The colourful reefs, teeming with life, will provide you with one of the world’s most spectacular underwater experiences…

When to go in Indonesia?

The best time to visit Indonesia is the dry season, which lasts from May to October. In the month of July, the country is invaded by Indonesian tourists, while European tourists visit the country in July and August. So, prefer the months of May, June and September to discover Indonesia away from the crowds. The temperatures are between 22 and 34 degrees, which makes the island a perfect destination if you looking for some heat.
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